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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hollywood Goes Aquarian

There’s an ongoing battle among astrologers. When does the Aquarian Age really start? Without a doubt, we’re at the bridge, if we’re not there already. The signs of Aquarius are everywhere, in the technology of computers, medicine, world rebellion, and Hollywood fashion.

Hollywood reveals current and up-coming trends. In days gone by stars and starlets wouldn't be caught dead looking the way celebrities look these days. Fabrics, couture, and tailoring were all exquisite and flattering. Compare the way they dressed back then with the paparazzi photos of current stars. Just to be nice, I’ll say today’s clothing is unique and eclectic, but eccentric and rebellious is more like it, and shockingly dirty.

The trend of outrageous flash, skin, and more skin came in with Cher, but beauty and glamour were still there. After that, glorious fashion went downhill, now celebs put things together looking like they came from yesterday’s rags that barely cover the butt. If you go into a restaurant, make sure you carry some antibacterial spray.

A hint of change started in the mid 50's with sexy James Dean, the rebel without a cause in his worn jeans, rolled up T-shirts and race cars, and Marlon Brando looked pretty hunky in his tight, white T showing off his powerful biceps.

Prior to the 70’s, a female star would never walk out the door in torn, mismatched clothes. You wouldn't catch them in their backyard looking slovenly and improper. This was still the time of matching bags and shoes. Our mothers taught us the importance of matching, and don't ask me where they got that. It may have come with the Pluto in Leo generation. Leo is about proper, stylish clothing that improves the appearance.

These stars are paying top dollar for these rags. Imagine paying more for dirty, holey, jeans than your new car?

Some stars are trying to fit in with the times. It’s the Aquarian cry, “I’ll dress any way I like, this is the real me.” For some this is rebellion. But, for most, it’s a marketing tool. Some marketing wizard, (or the latest clothing designer), convinced them their adoring fans want them to be real.

The way they dress does give them notoriety, and a photo-op. One of these days they’ll wake up and find out it isn’t working. Box office records are down. Just like Aquarius, these stars will be gone in a flash, yesterday’s news. The fickle public moves on in the blink of the eye.

To get a better idea of celebrity gauche go to Go Fug Yourself

Click here to a good example of trendy designer jeans


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