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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Mars Hoax

It's that time of year again for the Mars hoax; an email sent around the net claiming Mars will be bigger than the Moon on August 27, 2006. It's not going to happen. This email has become a yearly event since August 27, 2003 when Mars was the closer to Earth than anytime in 60,000 years. But it wasn't as big as the Moon - only in your dreams.

Even though it's incorrect, this email is a good thing; it reminds us that we need to work with Mars energy.

From an astrological perspective, the closeness of Mars to the Earth was important. Mars is warrior energy, and since we've been exposed to Mars, the wars that have been erupting all over the planet have become more obvious. And to make it worse, Mars started a six month retrograde in a fixed sign last fall.

This has affected everyone in some way. People feel and manifest the Mars energy on many different levels. The negative side is anger, rage, lashing out, defiance, egotism, force, impulsiveness, selfishness, and insensitivity. The positive side is courage, passion, action, determination, energy, enterprise, enthusiasm, heroism, and motivation.

It's easy to be caught up in the fear and violence of the world. We need to keep reminding ourselves to develop the positive qualities of Mars. I know -- it's hard to stay balanced and stay on a good course when everyone around us is strung out, and depressed. I miss the smiles I used to get from people as I went about my daily business. We've become afraid of each other, heck we're afraid of our own shadows.

We've become afraid of each other, heck we're afraid of our own shadows.
It's important to spend even a few moments in silence when we start our day, connecting with whatever power, force, or Great Spirit we believe (it's not even necessary to believe) keeps our world going. It's amazing what even a few seconds will do. You don't have walk through life alone. That's the hard way.

This connection is even more important in the new few weeks. First, Mars makes an opposition to Uranus, aggression against shocking disruption. Second, we are building up to Saturn opposition Neptune, reality versus fantasy. If you thought life has been crazy in the past few weeks, wait until this energy hits you.

I’ve noticed the aspects are already starting. There is a feeling of something being wrong, off kilter, but I can't put my finger on it. It's just a knowing. I find myself trying to do more than is reasonable. People are getting louder and more frenetic.

Notice how you feel, and what you think. This is important. This is how we use hard aspects in astrology. It's the hard aspects that bring growth, and if we are willing to work through the difficulties, they bring incredible rewards.

Listen to the negative chatter in your mind. It tells you what you really don't want in your life. Use all that forceful energy to root out these things.

Wishing you miracles and magic - Good Luck


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