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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mel Gibson - A BAD Boy with a Lethal Weapon

Are we seeing the real side of Mel Gibson? Why does he think his life's going down the tubes? What’s really going on?

Last Friday, 7/28, 2:36 AM PDT, Gibson was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, (DUI).

There were attempts to sweep this incident under the rug, but it just got uglier when it was uncovered by that he made inflammatory remarks about Israel, said his life was messed up (f…d), and made sexist remarks to one of the female officers.

With the the sexist remark, he has become the butt of jokes of most late night shows.

Click here for Mel Gibson's charts

Mel has a Capricorn Sun with a Cancer ascendant putting his need for success and respect in a close opposition to the way he presents himself to the world. Cancer is the sign of home and family, and everyone is blaming his strict Catholic upbringing as the root of the problem. He was raised in a home that followed a strict adherence to the Old Catholic rules and ceremonies.

He has a difficult natal configuration called a t-square between Uranus, Neptune and Mercury. Difficult Uranus in his first house makes him erratic and rebellious. With the square to Neptune, alcohol and any mind-altering drug brings out his nasty side. Mercury adds verbal abuse, his own or others. On this night, his progressed Moon triggered this disastrous t-square. Uranus caught him off guard, and makes this attraction an unexpected media feeding frenzy. The last time the progressed Moon was conjunct Uranus was in 1979, the era of his Mad Max fame. What did he do back then that was not resolved? The Moon uncovers hidden issues in the subconscious that need to be dealt with. He’s bringing them head on, or he wouldn’t have attracted this event.

There are many other important current aspects:
Transit Uranus square the natal nodes.
Transit Pluto square natal Midheaven.
Transit Saturn oppose natal Venus
Transit Jupiter square natal Venus; yes that’s another t-square.
Mars recently squared progressed Saturn and progressed Sun

His life is TENSE with all this going on in his chart. No wonder he said he life is F….d. The fear of aging is coming up soon due to Saturn square Saturn.

Pluto squares his natal Midheaven, his reputation in the world. Pluto never lets anyone hide shameful or disgusting parts; it puts them where everyone can see them.

Mars in recent square to Saturn and the Sun, exacts a price when he turns a body part into a lethal weapon, even though it was only with words.

His life is TENSE with all this going on in his chart. No wonder he said he life is F….d. The fear of aging is coming up soon due to Saturn square Saturn.

After this incident, his free ride may be over. Was this his intuitive nature coming out under the influence of Neptune? Did he intuit wha't in the stars?

I doubt this will be the final ruination. Lucky for him, there are currently too many postive aspects in his chart for his life to be totally demolished.

This is another “Pay Attention” moment. I've received a few symbolic bits and pieces. It's bigger than we think; it's not just about him. As soon as I piece it all together, I’ll let you know.


Blogger NV Mojo said...

With a nation of alcoholics, recovering alcoholics or others who struggle with the grip of substance abuse in their lives, I am surprised at the gross overreaction to this event in the first place. Drunks say sh@t. It's the way that it is. The man needs help. I hope he gets it.

6:52 PM  
Blogger Jeffrey Kishner said...

I've posted a somewhat lengthy response regarding Mel's secondary progressed Moon at my blog. Thanks, Susan, for the inspiration! I've spent a good 40 minutes more on Mel than I planned ;)

3:24 PM  

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