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Friday, July 28, 2006

Astrolology is a Friend

I ususally like to come up with a snazzy title to catch your eye, but Mercury is retrograde and must be off messaging for someone else. Nothing would come to mind.

Latley, I'm seeing something wonderful happen in my consultations. Most of my clients want to learn how to do astrology. Yes, they want me to interpret their chart, but they want to know what astrology is about, and how to do it for themselves. They don't want to sit there like bumps on a log during the reading; they want to participate. Don’t get the wrong idea about "my" clients. They aren’t bumps on the log, I meant that as a general comment. My consultations are turning into mentoring sessions, as well as forecasting. I had already advanced to astrological coaching, but this is a new level.

It's rather ironic that I've been working on a basic astrology book, and only a few people know about it. No one has ever asked about books before, but since I started writing the book my clients have been asking, "do you have a book"? There are many good beginning books on astrology, but they aren't right for novice astrologers of the computer age.

This is another synchronicity, a "pay attention" moment. It fits right in with the lessons on my site and my blogs. I want more people to do astrology on their own. I want them to become interested in the process, and think about using it daily life. The Universe is saying, "Astrology is very much needed now, and must come out of the dark ages. It’s no longer a thing to fear.

What do green beans have to do with Marigolds - or was it Morning Glory?

Astrology is so helpful in daily life. The only exposure most people have is a horoscope in the newspaper, but at least that's a start. The most consistent use by the general public is planting by the Moon. Magazines such as the Farmers Almanac, have been giving planting advice for years. Did you know that “those in the know” are even going further by using astrology to make a superior wine, and that it's working? I think many of the old timers had what we call "mystical knowledge", (to them it was just ordinary and practical good sense). A friend told me a story about her grandfather's wonderful garden. One of his secrets was mixing his green bean seeds with marigolds at a certain time of the month, and they were the sweetest beans she ever had. She remebers him putting them together in a jar; unfortunately that's all she remembered. I may have been Morning Glory seeds.

There are so many wonderful, user-friendly astrology sites on the web. Once you read good articles about astrology in daily life, it becomes a friend, the shades are no longer drawn, and the fear is gone.

Read some great articles at Silverwheel Astrology.

A Stock Story

I've been looking at the astrological signs lately about the financial markets, and I saw that they may be dipping after Friday, so I moved some money around. Even we astrologers know this is a guessing game. Well, I knew that Mercury is going to make what is called a station this weekend, and news is not reliable, even my own. When Mercury stations that means it's going back to its normal forward motion, and in the meantime decisions and outcomes are often put on hold , things are misconstrued, or fluctuate.

Sure enough the US markets went up again and I was kicking myself, and doing the old blame game, telling myself I didn't do enought research, I didn't think it out, I acted on impulse, yada, yada, yada. Then I felt as if there was a little voice smiling and getting a chuckle out of the whole thing. So I asked for a sign that all will be well. In about two minutes, the phone rang and someone let me know that they would be sending money I thought I'd never see. What does this mean? I must have the faith that everything will be OK in the end.

Are you hot?

For those of you who are sweltering inside in the heat, and don't like, or don't have, air conditioning, here's a tip. In the morning close up your windows, draw the drapes, and run a fan, pointing it so that you can feel it. If you have a dehumdifier keep it running. Wear loose fitting, light-weight clothing. Believe it or not, when you go outside it is better to have light-colored, loose, flowing, clothing down past your knees and calves. This lets air circulate, and helps keep out heat. That's a trick the desert people use.


Blogger NV Mojo said...

I totally agree with your point of view here! I try to seek the use of astrology in making decisions and I am lucky that my husband does too. We are both very glad to get through the past Mercury Retrograde with our finances turning for the best already this week due to postponing and timing certain decisions last month!


9:44 AM  

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