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Monday, August 07, 2006

A Fall From Grace

A good point has been brought up in a comment I received, so I'll continue to talk about what happened with Mel Gibson from an astrological perspective.

The comment from NVMojo.: "With a nation of alcoholics, recovering alcoholics or others who struggle with the grip of substance abuse in their lives, I am surprised at the gross overreaction to this event in the first place. Drunks say sh@t. It's the way that it is. The man needs help. I hope he gets it."

Yes, this is an instance where our lack of compassion is warped.

The story Of Mel Gibson is astrology in action, par excellence, and astrology helps explain some of the hoopla.

There are other posts about Mel Gibson at the following websites Astrology at the Movies and Astrofuturetrends.

If he had a session with me before this happened, I would have told him to stay low during this time. His natal chart shows conflict with authorities through Saturn. That it would affect his status and reputation is shown by Pluto to the Midheaven; that it would tie in with money, both his an others, is shown by Saturn in the 2nd oppose natal Venus in the 8th.

If he came to me after the incident, I would have told him to make his statement during a Void of Course Moon. President Reagan used this technique successfully during his years in office. I don’t know the time of the release, but if it was during the VOC Moon, the intense reactions to his statement will die out.

Since so many other aspects have been explained in the other posts, I will go into the notoriety of this event, hassles with authorities, and his fall from grace, and how it will affect his finances, and career.

First, this was brought to the public eye because of the Moon. The Moon rules the public, and the progressed Moon was in aspect to a very difficult natal t-square. The closer an aspect gets, the more active it is. In this case, it was "in his face."

That the situation started in a confrontation with authorities is shown by transit Saturn. Saturn rules authority, and Saturn is the judge. If you do something wrong, he makes you accountable, no matter what the circumstances. Saturn does not deal with feelings, or extenuating circumstances, only facts.

Saturn has always been involved with what we call a “fall from grace”. The higher you are, the harder you fall. Obviously, if this had been a local incident of an unknown person, it would have never made the papers in such a big way.

Saturn is going through his second house, and anyone who has dealt with this transit knows how financially difficult it is if you aren’t up to standard. If you don’t follow the rules, or if your money and/or possessions aren't good for you, Saturn will cut them down. The fact that Saturn opposed his natal Venus in the 8th house, shows that other people’s money came into play. It cuts down money from other people as well. Venus rules money in general, and the 8th house is loans, debts, taxes, (money that belongs to someone else), so this is doubly important financially.

Luckily for him, Saturn and Venus are not in a hard aspect in his natal chart. If they were, he' lose a lot of money. His unexpected success with Mad Max came at the time of the last Saturn opposition to Venus. It may have been over 20 years ago, but Saturn always leaves a string attached. Since then he has amassed close to a billion dollars, What this all boils down to is money and power. In the movie business, manipulation, jealousy, and fear are rampant, and if the people who make the money deals (the authorities in this situation) want to take away his influence, they now have an excuse. The power issues over his reputation and career is further enforced by the Pluto square to his Midheaven. Pluto brings in big change, Neptune is a co-ruler of his Midheaven, and in his natal chart, Neptune and Pluto are trine. This is a positive change in disguise, which fits the nature of Neptune and Pluto.

There were several good transits on that day, unfortunately the natal chart does not have good aspects between these planets, this lessens their beneficial effects.

My next point is a wide stretch for new astrologers. He has a natal trine between Saturn, Uranus and the Midheaven. The Midheaven acts as a release point. If he works hard (Saturn) in unexpected, unconventional (Uranus) ways, he'll salvage his reputation. Uranus doesn't like to kowtow to authority, but in this case he's already found a way to start.

I have one last comment. Natal Mercury, which is involved in the current difficult t-square, rules his fourth house of home and family. This shows why his father's character is being blamed for many of his flaws.

Our world is a microcosm within a macrocosm. This event is part of a bigger picture, a reflection of what is going on in our world.

Enough said, but if anyone really wants to know the metaphysical/spiritual symbols let me know in the comment section, and I’ll do another post.


Blogger NV Mojo said...

I do agree with all you say here. Please post regarding "the metaphysical/spiritual symbols" and thanks!

12:19 AM  

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