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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Vacant Signs During the Year

We notice the signs the planets are transiting, but rarely think about the signs that are empty.

For instance, Cancer is not occupied by a planet for most of the year. A few years ago Saturn was in Cancer, so we had Cancer all year round. At that time home, family, and patriotism were on our mind, and in the news. Now that Saturn has moved into Leo, the war is no longer a matter of patriotism, and news of home or family have been superseded by the latest Hollywood crotch scandal, which star or musician is in rehab, or Anna Nicole Smith. Right after her death, news about Anna Nicole got more hits than the Iraq war. Movie star and rock musicians probably ran neck and neck with the recent stock market dive. (That's Saturn in Leo for you; Leo rules both entertainment and speculation.)

For those of you who cherish home and family, Cancer is always occupied in the summer when the Sun, Mercury, and Venus move into Cancer. And we must not forget Mars. Mars will retrograde in the sign Cancer in November, so we'll get a taste of home, family, and patriotism mid November through January. Mars goes retrograde 11/15/07 EST at 12 Cancer 27 until 1/31/08.

The signs that have been occupied all year for the past few years are Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces. Saturn goes into Virgo in September on 9/2/07 EDT, and we lose Leo all year, getting over two years of Virgo. Jupiter goes into Capricorn 12/15/07 EST and we get twelve months of Capricorn.

Virgo concerns matters that have to do with health, service, the military, police, co-workers, pets, efficiency, day-to-day routines, criticism, perfectionism, and working towards self-esteem.

Capricorn is related to matters of business, authority, practicality and economy, life lessons, ambition, attainment, status, caution, calculation, convention, and structure.

Jupiter entering Capricorn paves the way for Pluto in Capricorn.


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