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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


One thing that consistently draws my attention when I read an Aries ingress chart is the fixed star Sheat.

An Aries ingress chart is the chart for entrance of the Sun into the sign Aries, the Vernal Equinox, such as the one on March 20, 2007, EDT. The Aries ingress is considered by most astrologers as the start of the astrological year, and thus very important for the next twelve months.

Fixed stars are not used by many modern western astrologers. Prior to the discovery of the three outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), astrologers depended on the fixed stars for prediction. Just like the planets, fixed stars are benefic or malicious. Fixed stars move very slowly, many move about one degree every 100 hundred years.

The fixed star Sheat, a magnitude 3.27, giant white star, 98 light years away, is located in the constellation Aquarius, at the right shinbone of the water bearer. It is also known as Skat, or Scheat. It is of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter

For several years, I’ve noticed that the Sun has been conjuncting the fixed star Sheat whenever it enters Aries. This is not a good omen. Sheat is a nasty fixed star. It has to do with ambition, vanity, poor judgment, ships, weather, and oceans. I’ve heard so many classical astrologers bellow, “Oh SH_T”, when they see Sheat in a chart, that we started calling it the “Oh SH_T” star. To a classical astrologer it means something is shipwrecked.

The only method of astrology that consistently uses fixed stars is horary. In horary, a chart is cast for the time of a question. One of the foremost horary astrologers, William Lilly, the author of Christian Astrology, consistently used fixed stars. If Sheat turned up in a chart, it was an indication of a real shipwreck. His business was often conducted in waterfront taverns.

Is this a portent of difficult times on our planet? I have heard that the wonders of the New Age and peace will not prevail until after 2100. Is it just a coincidence that the Sun started its conjunction with Sheat in 1979? It seems that the "sh_t" hit the fan around that time, and hasn’t stopped. As of 2005, Sheat was 29 Pisces 26. Right now, it moves around 1 degree 23 minutes per 100 years, so the Aries ingress will be conjunct Sheat for 135 years, from 1979 to 2116.

If you use fixed stars, they will be reliable. They have been around for thousands of years, and most will be around for thousands more. The scientists of the IAU have no control over the fixed stars, they are what they are, and they cannot be demoted.

Where is Sheat in your chart? If Sheat is a making difficult aspect to a planet, have you had any wrecks related to the house in which it's located?

Books on Fixed Stars

Vivian Robson

This book gives the traditional meanings of the fixed stars as used in astrology, medieval magic, and astrometerology, and is considered a fixed star classic.

Reinhold Ebertin

This is another classic on the fixed stars and a must in every library. Once you reinterpret the negative meanings into modern day use, it is a gem.

Bernadette Brady

This is a look at 176 ancient fixed stars by a modern day astrologer. She is a good writer and this book is highly recommended


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