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Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces

I want to add my two cents about the Solar Eclipse on Sunday (Monday in many countries). The eclipse will be on 3/18/07 at 10:43 PM EDT. Click here to convert to your local time.

A Few Observations

1. The eclipse is at 28 Pisces 07

Pisces is related to issues of spirituality, escapism, illusion and delusion, and water, especially the ocean. The last degrees of a sign always indicate a completion, and tying up loose ends.

Rehab has been in the news quite a bit lately, someone even wrote a song about it. "Go to Rehab ... no, no, no." Within a short time, these people are out of rehab and back into escapism. Rehab is not the final answer, it's only a start, and in fact, it's getting to be a publicity stunt, (A Pisces delusion). Anyway, we will complete matters related to Pisces. Maybe we are even completing the Age of Pisces.

2. Uranus is forming a T-square with Jupiter and the Nodes.

Uranus in Pisces less than one degree from the nodes, is considered to be in the "degree of the nodes", which is not a good thing. Ancient astrologers called this a portent of doom. We'll have to wait and see. Since Uranus is involved, whatever happens will be unexpected, and unpredictable. The t-square with Jupiter adds fuel to the flames, but the water of Pisces makes it all go up in smoke.

Jupiter is sextile Mars and Neptune, and some of the pressure will be released through Mars and Neptune. Neptune is a water planet and will cool down both fire planets, Jupiter and Mars, and help avert the damage. Neptune in Aquarius will get the entire world involved. Sometimes it takes a jolt to bring peace, or to reach a completion.

3.Pluto is Square the Eclipse

This also is a difficult position. However, Pluto is transformation, and sometimes we have to be forced to make changes. Between the jolt of Uranus and the intensity of Pluto, something has to give.

For more Information on the US and the eclipse go to Celeste Teal's website


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