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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Venus, Mercury, and Saturn

Every week I post the planets for the upcoming week. In today’s article, I will focus on two of the planetary events this weekend.



This is a dreamy, artistic, position for Venus. Later when Venus makes a square to Jupiter on 2/8/7, there will be a desire to escape into big dreams that are not realistic or practical.

Venus is sensitive and sentimental in Pisces, so you're more affected by sad events in the world.

The hard part of this position is weak boundaries. It's easy to be submissive, and allow others to take over or be more important.

To get the most out of this ingress, let your inner muse appear, or surround yourself with beautiful art, music or poetry especially if it has a spiritual theme. For those who like to meditate, this is a good time to connect with the Divine.


Thoughts about personal identity will fight with social rituals, needs of other people, collective beliefs, and freedom.

Since this is an opposition, communications and conversations will often be a tug of war between you and another person or group.

Positive and Negative Aspects

Astrology is a guide. The transits between planets bring conditions to make changes in life. Positive transits bring pleasant experiences. Think of positive transits as rewards for the work we do because of the hard transits to our chart. Positive transits bring a flow of good things, but there is a tendency to keep the status quo intact. The difficult transits are the ones that push us to make changes in our life.

Here is an example of one way in which the current transits may manifest.

Venus is interactions with others, Mercury is thinking, and Saturn is profession, limits, loss, status quo, isolation, self-doubt, and criticism of self or others. An opposition makes us aware that we need to make a choice, a decision, or to balance something.

Conversations (Mercury) with others may be uncomfortable. Let's say someone is talking about problems at work, or low money. Your thoughts may be, I'm in the same boat, and they know I have problems. How can they complain to me? "They should pay attention to how I feel, or how my life is going". (Saturn in Leo)

This conversation is telling you something about how you are thinking about your life and your attractions. You aren't paying attention to your life. You're busy noticing what everyone else is doing and saying.

You can't blame the other person. They are not the cause of your problems. If they acknowledged your hardship and say things that soothe you, you won't get much out of the interaction. You'll start to be satisfied with what they say, and not be aggravated enough to make changes. (Venus in Pisces). However, when someone makes you angry, you get the energy to make changes instead of remaining in depression.

These conversations continue to be more frequent or bothersome until you face the fact that the external world is not the root cause. The more uncomfortable the conversation makes you, the more you will want something else. You'll be driven to experience something new, especially when Mars makes an aspect to your chart.

Le’s go one-step further and look to see what happens if Saturn is sitting on your Sun. The Sun is vitality and the core of your ego and identity. When Saturn makes contact with the Sun it lowers vitality, causes depression, and takes away confidence.

Saturn is about rock solid foundations. If the identity is superficial, shaky, or about to crumble, it will have to be rebuilt. It must be shored up, and it’s usually at a time when outer conditions are not supportive. We have to do it on our own.

This is an example of astrology in action in daily life.


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