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Monday, January 01, 2007

Vibrational Shifts in 2007

I want to wish everyone joy and harmony in this year of transformation.

This is the year that is paving the way for major changes in the future. Just like a birth, we must prepare. Personal mental, emotional, and psychic, checkups, and proper food for the mind and the body are necessary. We must look at how we feel, and function (Moon), think (Mercury), and act (Mars) on a daily basis. We’ve trained and shaped our physical bodies, now we have the chance to train and shape our minds, emotions, intuition, and sensitivity.

The past few weeks have been difficult for many people. From an astrological viewpoint, this has to do with Pluto, the Sun, and Mars conjuncting the Galactic Center, Saturn retrograde, the Saturn Neptune opposition, and the upcoming Jupiter square Uranus.

I’ve noticed that the conjunctions to the Galactic Center have been intense, bringing profound changes for many. These changes may not make sense yet, but they will soon. The discomfort seems to be short-term when people are willing to work with the current changes. If you try to avoid them or push them away from your awareness now, you'll have to do them again later.

Earth Changes

The Earth is in a massive shift of vibration. This is not specifically caused by the planets; however, the planets are working with the process.

This is felt in many different ways. If you are sensitive to the planets and the Earth, you understand. There are people who feel more than just the vibration of the Moon, they feel all planetary shifts especially the major ones. They tell me that while the vibrations are currently mostly joyful and peaceful, they are very active. The old feelings of panic are being replaced, and the new feelings are confusing at first. When a challenging event occurs, instead of feeling panic, our mind spins as we try to decipher what's going on. We're all becoming more sensitized to these vibrations. Think of them as a guide. If you don’t believe in astrology, and don’t have these sensations, consider yourself lucky; the mood swings can be disconcerting. But then again, you’re missing an incredible tool.

This is where Mercury steps in. Mercury is the planet of thoughts, and communication, the planet that goes back and forth between the gods, carrying messages between the two worlds.

The Mercury retrogrades this year alternate between signs in water and air. When you do your Mercury retrograde review, pay close attention to your feelings. What are you thinking when you feel something? Does the mind race around with a negative feeling, chattering away and trying to numb the pain, or avoid it altogether? If you’re in the habit of doing this, you may be numbing the good feelings as well. It's time we balance thoughts and feelings, and put them in their optimum places.
Mercury retrogrades Rx 2/13 Direct 3/7, Rx 6/15 Direct 7/9, Rx 10/11 Direct 11/1

Hearing Vibrations and Feeling Sound

Some people actually hear the vibrations. Some of the sounds are interference from cells phones, satellites, radio waves, or microwaves. However, the sounds I’m talking about come from the Earth, the planets, and other bodies in space. In ancient times, this was called “The Music of the Spheres”. The sounds are heard in different parts of the brain, sometimes the back of the head, sometimes the sides, and sometimes the front. The Earth is talking to us; listen to what she has to say. Many psychics and intuitives call the sound downloading. We are being sent information from the celestial spheres. A few people are so sensitive that when they pick up radio signals, they hear voices and music. You have to learn how to change your channel.

So if you thought there was something wrong with your hearing or your brain don’t panic. Get yourself checked out as a precaution, and then go about your business.

Between Two Worlds

Many of us are living in two worlds. When we step out of our homes or normal routines, there is an off-putting energy. It makes us slightly dizzy, confused, or agitated. When we step out into the mundane world, we're in a different vibration and our strengthened intuitive senses are bombarded. This has been amplified by the opposition between Saturn and Neptune. On June 25, Saturn will make its final pass in this phase to Neptune. Neptune is creativity and sensitivity, and Saturn is grounding and manifesting. With the opposition, we have to figure out how to incorporate this new sensitivity and intuition in a comfortable way.

Our instincts are expanding. Even though we're in another dimension, we're still in tune with the frequencies of the Earth. If you suddenly make a misstep, your world spins, or a chill goes up your spine, you may be feeling an earthquake thousands of miles away.

Transit of Venus

The Transit of Venus is still in operation. With every Transit of Venus there have been major changes in communication, travel, and exploration. The current Transit of Venus started in 2004 and will complete in 2012. If you haven’t heard already, 2012 is a major year of astrological events. Where will communication and exploration go next? Our extrasensory perceptions are increasing; will we become more telepathic? Have you noticed that you already get a stronger sense of what people are saying than you did in the past? By now, it’s harder to hide what we’re really thinking when we speak. Did you know that man was supposed to think with his heart, not just his brain? The Venus retrograde this year will be potent. Notice what's going on 7/27 and 9/8.

These are just a few of the changes that we’ll feel in the next year. As we go through the year, I’ll talk more about them in the Weekly Planets.

I wish you a year of magic and miracles.

Planetary Events for the Year
Here is a list of the major planetary aspects and events (excluding retrogrades) for the next year. The dates are based on Eastern time in the US.

Jupiter square Uranus 1/22/7
Saturn oppose Neptune 2/28/7, 6/25/7
Lunar Eclipse 3/3/7
Jupiter trine Saturn 3/16/7, 5/6/7
Solar Eclipse 3/18/7
Saturn trine Pluto 8/6/7
Lunar Eclipse 8/28/7
Saturn enters Virgo 9/2/7
Solar Eclipse 9/11/7
Jupiter sextile Neptune 10/29/7
Jupiter conjuncts Pluto 12/11/7
Jupiter enters Capricorn 12/18/7

Pluto enters Capricorn 2/25/8


Anonymous guru-On-A-Soap-Box said...

Thank you so much for this. I can't tell you how much I need to hear about these changes because I feel like I've got Neptune beating Saturn over the head with a rolling pin.

5:47 AM  
Anonymous Outerference said...

I read elsewhere there is a Grand Conjunction on the Solstice of 2007 with the Galactic Center as a point in the cross. Is this true?

Anyway, thanks for the great perspectives!

11:27 PM  

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