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Friday, December 29, 2006

Astrology and Exercise

Lynn Hayes has an article on exercise on her blog. Go to Lynn's site to read about house cleaning as one of the healthiest forms of exercise for women. There is a positive connection between nurturing and the breasts.

This makes sense. Doing daily chores is one of the easiest forms of exercise around, and for those women who do housework because they like it, there’s probably the added benefit of some type of hormone. The way we feel when we exercise is just as important as the exercise itself.

House cleaning exercises all parts of the body. It’s a combination of walking, lifting weights, and aerobics. Good house cleaning gets to all the muscle groups.

I'm not surprised that gyms don't provide as much benefit as hyped. Most people drag themselves to the gym out of a feeling of necessity rather than enjoyment. They try to find ways to tolerate the exercise, listening to music, watching TV, reading newspapers and books. However, if they don't find joy in the three-day-a-week gym routines, the benefits will be reduced.

This is where astrology comes in. There is a type of workout for everyone. Here is an overview for each sign.

Aries benefits from any type of movement, especially forward movement that is quick and free running, such as sprinting, fast walking, and sports. However, Aries gets bored doing the same thing repeatedly. Even though Aries rules the head, I wouldn't suggest head-butting. It usually gets you called out of the game, such as the incident with Zinedine Zidane

Taurus needs a slow and steady routine, and once the rhythm is established, Taurus is happy doing something over and over. Taurus does have a tendency to put on weight, so movement is needed. Being a practical earthy sign, it helps if keeping fit is combined with something such as daily chores that make the living environment comfortable. Taurus is associated with the earth; gardening is a good form of movement. Since Taurus doesn't like overexertion, gentle yoga may be just right.

Gemini will be attracted to many forms of exercise. Gemini needs variety, and change of rhythm and speed; fast one day, slow the next. I wonder how many bike messengers have the Sunor Mars in Gemini. Solitary exercise is not recommended for a Gemini.

Cancer should find some way to exercise in the kitchen, cooking large meals, cleaning up the kitchen, just don't eat everything. Exercising with the family would do wonders.

Leo needs something that makes them look good. If they’re going to do their workouts in a group, they must be outfitted in a way that makes them feel good about themselves. They could find a way to combine exercise with making things look good. I know a Leo who loves home and garden, and spends much time and movement making it look good.

Virgo is discriminating and may try out the latest program. Virgo likes details, so complicated routines may keep them on track and interested. Virgo is also a perfectionist, and they’ll keep doing something until they get it right or perfect. This may be a good thing if they don't start criticizing themselves. Some type of exercise with a pet, such as walking or running is another option.

For Libra dancing is great; it combines balance, and harmony with social contact. Golf is good because its considered a social sport. Doing something with a partner may be more important than the exercise itself. I often see two people running together. I wonder if one of them is a Libra.

Scorpio is an intense, focused sign, and it's very private. Solitary exercise done in the privacy of the home is ideal. Scorpio is also a sign of power. Weight lifting or martial arts are two examples of exercise that may appeal to a Scorpio. Weight lifting develops strength and power. Martial arts and Qigong develop focus and inner power.

Sagittarians need some type of sport. The symbol of Sagittarius is half man, half horse, shooting an arrow into the sky, so he is associated with archery, and horseback riding. Since Sag is a friendly, out-going sign, the society of golf is appealing. Sagittarians may also enjoy yoga, Tai Chi, or Qigong (Chi Kung, Chi Gong) because of the spiritual connotations.

Capricorns are attracted to movement that is combined with work and status. I wonder if there are a high number of Capricorns on the golf course with business partners or clients. I know a Capricorn who was in great shape and enjoyed the physical aspect of her job, but when she changed to a desk job, she didn't continue the same level of activity.

Aquarius will do well in a club, with a group, or in a team sport. Golfing is a group sport, often done through a club, but it may not be exciting enough for an Aquarian, although the mental aspect is appealing. Choose exercise with sudden shifts of movement, and up in the air type movements, such as basketball and volleyball.

Pisces does well with exercise of an aquatic nature. Since Pisces is a sign of poetry, music and dancing, such as water ballet may be appealing. This is one sign that benefits from music with their workouts. I wonder how many musicians who dance around the stage are Pisces. Musical performances may be just the ticket.

There is much more to astrology and excercise. This would be a great go-round type article. I hope other astrologers eventually add their perceptions and experiences, personally and from their clients. I'll see what I can find. Tag: Barbara, Lynn


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