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Friday, January 12, 2007

Mercury Retrograde 2/13/2007 - 3/7/2007

On February 13, 2007, Mercury will station retrograde. Normally I’m not that affected by Mercury Rx. I’m careful of anything involved with communication and travel, and try not to make major purchases. But, let’s face it, there are times in life when you must make a purchase. You car, computer, printer, or any related Mercury item dies and you have to replace it immediately. Rental is not always a viable possibility. If the intent is replacing an item, or if you buy a used item, then the purchase is supposed to work out, but anything new may be a problem. Fixing items is a normal part of the Mercury Rx. If the Mercury Rx doesn't make an aspect in your chart, you're off the hook.

For me, this retrograde is already showing up, car problems, internet problems and slow connections, bad cell phone connections, even horrible landline connections, lost messages, lost papers, and so on. Many people start to feel a retrograde when the shadow phase starts. I consulted the ephemeris and the shadow phase doesn’t start until 1/30/07.

I have clients who do Mercury Rx consultations, and they started calling early this year.

What’s going on? I racked my brain for several days. Could it be the conjunction of Mercury to the Galactic Center? This occurred on Christmas Day 12/25/06. The fact that Mercury conjuncted the GC on a worldwide holiday would increase the power of Mercury conjunct GC. Is Mercury involved with an asteroid? Are remnants of Solar Flare 930 causing problems? Is it comet McNaught, the brightest comet in 30 years? Is it the Mars Pluto conjunction on the GC on 1/13/07?

I noticed that things started going wrong as Mercury made its conjunction to the Sun on 1/7/07. The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury was stronger than usual this year. Maybe the power of Mercury was amped up with the conjunction to the GC. The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury is a sign that Mercury is about to go retrograde. Does this give us a clue as to how the Rx will affect us?

The Rx phase is about 21 days; the shadow phase is 58 days. I’ve noticed that the effects of retrogrades often start before the shadow phase. Is it possible that the phase starts with the conjunction of the Mercury and the Sun? Is this a “ghost phase”? This creates a long retrograde. The period from the conjunction with the Sun to the end of the shadow phase is 70 days.

Over the years, I've noticed that people have problems before the shadow phase. They start to get jumpy and things go wrong. In the past, I always chalked this up to anticipation; maybe they are picking up planetary activity.

Mercury Retrograde Timeline 2007 based on EST - US

Mercury conjunct the Sun – 16 Capricorn 32, 1/7/07
Mercury shadow - 25 Aquarius 25, 1/30/07
Mercury station retrograde – 10 Pisces 12, 2/13/07
Mercury conjuncts the Sun – 4 Pisces 10, 2/22/07
Mercury station direct – 25 Aquarius 25 3/7/07
Mercury final shadow – 10 Pisces 12, 3/28/07


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. I've printed this out in preparation!

2:25 PM  
Blogger Shell said...

I am affected way too much by Mercury...I hope this is an easy one!

4:08 PM  
Blogger The Astrology Page said...

Hi nvmojo and shell,

I'm doing another post on Mercury retrograde. I hope to have it up tonight 2/12/07

The Moon is forming a positive aspect with Mercury in Pisces, so this will be good for the emotions.

There is a t-square with Jupiter and the nodes, this brings up problems with judgemental people who act superior.

Check out my post to determine how it will affect your chart.

Best wishes

8:06 PM  

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