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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Zodiac Babies

Your Child's Sun Sign

Each month the sun goes into a new sign on approximately the 20th -21st of the month. This varies month to month and year to year. The 21st is called the cusp. If you child was born on the cusp, you may need to have the chart cast just to be sure of the correct sun sign. Click here to order an extradinoray personal report just for your baby. They make great gifts for new parents.

Spring Babies

Aries March 20 - April 21

Action and energy is the key to an Aries baby. Aries is always moving around, and once they know how to use their vocal cords they will use them a lot, for they love to make loud sounds and airplane noises. When they start crawling or walking they will be into everything with enthusiasm.

They have short bursts of energy, and this encompasses everything from movement to temper. Their temper tantrums may be loud, but they are short lived and soon forgotten. They will forge ahead in life, looking for the newest adventure - it is not just curiosity, it is action and the excitement of something new that attracts them. Baby walkers and things that help them move will not be tolerated for long, they want to do it themselves. They are the leaders, watch them get other children to play a game their way.

Do not humiliate them or they will get rebellious. Allow them to make mistakes within safe boundaries.

They enjoy action toys and things like jump ropes, fire trucks, footballs and fast computer games. They want to play swords, but you must be careful with sharp things for they have a tendency to be impulsive and inattentive. They like things that will challenge their body such as hopscotch or jungle gyms.

When you read them a story they are the type who will jump up to look at the picture, settle back down, then jump up again, over and over. They like rough and ready type stories with lots of adventure and wandering off into the unknown. Story time is not usually quiet, and they don't always settle down easily. They feel as if they can do anything and will relate to the story about The Little Engine That Could.

They are very headstrong in more ways than one -- watch for injuries to the head.

Taurus April 20 -May 21

Taurus is patient and conservative. They may seem slow, but this has to do with their senses. They like to feel their way through life, and they need to sense that they are safe and secure before they venture out. The bull is the symbol for Taurus, and just like the bull they are slow to anger, but watch out when they blow; if they see red, they will instantly charge at you with all their might, either physically or emotionally. They need to find a way to let off that steam occasionally because they are slow to react, and they have a tendency to let things build up.
They are not usually athletic, but they have stamina. They need movement in some form or they will have weight problems.

Although the intellect is not their focus, they have good memories, and when they understand something, they understand it well; so as you start to educate them be patient and let them go at their own pace.

They love color and texture. Put colorful mobiles and pictures in their room, and over the crib. Have storybooks with textured pictures they can touch. They will love making things out of play dough and clay. Keep them busy at Christmas making cranberry wreaths and Santa's out of dough.

They are collectors and love material things, so their rooms will end up being filled with the things they love; material things give them a feeling of security. And don't be surprised if they love digging in the sand at the beach and making sand castles.

The sensitive part of the body for Taurus is the neck. Keep it warm in the winter or they will have throat problems.

Gemini May 20 - June 21

Gemini is know as the twins, and you will find you have two little people rolled into one. At times a Gemini is fun-loving and at other times moody. They are mental, restless, and fidgety, and like a butterfly, always flitting around.
Their temper is mentally oriented so they will be more fitful than angry. They would rather plan out things and scheme, or talk you into a corner to get their way, rather than using temper tantrums, or loving hugs or smiles, unless they figure out that affection will serve their purpose.
You will often hear "why", "why", "why", and then they don't listen to the explanation. They are curious about life, and want to know everything, but they don’t stop to examine. Their nature is changeable, and you will often wonder - "who will you be today little one when you get up?"

Because Gemini is an air sign, the little Gemini will gravitate to books, games and puzzles. They need a variety of toys to keep them from getting bored. Games like hopscotch and jacks are good for them, it keeps them moving from place to place and uses up all that restless energy.
Constantly change their bedtime stories. They will be the type to listen to the story, then notice the sounds outside, move around, and change their position, and though they lose interest for a bit, they will come back to the story. You may have to change the inflection of your voice to keep them interested.

The lungs and hands are the sensitive part of the body. Make sure their chests are covered in the winter and keep on top of any lung infections.

Summer babies

Cancer June 20 - July 21

Cancer is known as the crab, and with those powerful tentacles they are able to cling to almost anything, anywhere. Cancer, a water sign, can be very emotional, but your little Cancer are will move on quickly from moods, crying one moment, smiling and gurgling the next. They change their mood for the better when they know they are safe. If they don't feel safe, they will use those tentacles to hang on for dear life, hanging onto your skirts when they meet strangers.
If they are around any confrontation they will scurry away, or find a way to withdraw; they do not like to be in the midst of the fray. Cancer is all about nurturing and mothering; keep their food close by, for food is a comfort to them and a hook to survival.
Family and heredity are another part of their security and they will carve out a family, whether it is their natural family, friends, or cohorts. They may even connect to great, great, great, great, great grandfather, establishing family by hanging on to stories of days gone by. Home is their shelter and no matter how far a-field they may wander, they will always find their way back.

They love soft toys they can grab onto, moving lights, and water. In the summer they will sit for hours and splash in their little pools as long as you stay by them for security. They enjoy tales about families, baby animals, and the sea, and will listen with rapt attention with their thumb, a bottle, or their blanky in their mouth.

They have sensitive stomachs, feeding time is important, and it may take them longer than usual to get used to new foods, but they their love food. Watch for tummy aches.

Leo July 20 - Aug 21

Leo loves to be with people and be the center of attention, and they will find a way to play to the crowd, whether it be dress up, singing and dancing, making people smile and laugh, or if that doesn't work, they have been known to use temper tantrums.

They are generous with their feelings and want everyone else to feel good. They wither if they do not get enough praise. Even if someone just doesn't pay attention to them because they have other things on their mind, the Leo thinks they have done something wrong.

Although they are optimistic, they will eventually buckle under if they are around too much negativity. This is the one time when they get moody. They need sunlight or bright cheery rooms, have lost of bright colors especially yellow or paint the walls a bright yellow.

Even after they leave childhood, they say the word "I" frequently. This is not an indication of being selfish, it is just their mode of speech; "you" or "we" are not strong in their vocabulary. They say "I know" quite a bit, even though this phrase belongs to Aquarius. If you asked them - "what do mean when you say I know?" they would wonder what you were talking about. They are not trying to show how smart and wonderful they are, this is just their way of agreeing, and trying to prove that they are intelligent. They are not being argumentative, it is just one of their reflex phrases.

They like toys with glitter and shine and anything that makes them look good. They will enjoy playing dress up in fancy clothes or costumes with a lot of fine frills. Buy them a little stage and they will be in their glory, they are the ultimate performers. 'They love games of chance, give them a deck of cards and they will soon be winning every game.

They have a pretty good immune system, but watch for fevers and keep them from getting overheated or chilled and then going into an opposite temperature. They love warmth.
They are risk-takers so teach them how to play carefully.
On a psychological note, their heart is easily broken. They need to have sunlight in some form and this does not mean going to the beach, don't put heavy, dark curtains on the windows in their room, or at least open the curtains as often as possible and let the sunlight in.
The key to Leo is - "praise the child in a honest fashion, and the child will do almost anything for you".

Virgo Aug 20- Sep 21

They love nooks and crannies so you better childproof everything at an early age. They don't miss a trick, so when you try to hide something from them, they will ferret it out.

They are perfectionists and very self-critical because they want to be the best they can be. Their little minds go a mile a minute trying to figure out what they did wrong, or why someone is reacting to them in a certain way. You will have to learn how to discipline and criticize them in a way that is productive because they are already one step ahead of you, mentally yelling at themselves for anything they did wrong. This does not mean that you have to tolerate every misdeed, you just have to work out the problem with them in a balanced fashion.

They are very mental and good at analyzing everything down to the last little detail. They will work hard to improve themselves even against all odds. They are usually fair to everyone as long as other people do their share. When they know someone is doing the best they can, the Virgo will bend over backward to take up any slack to help them, however if anyone is slacking off and they have to do their work for them they will resent it.

Miniatures, train sets, or detailed games, will keep them occupied for hours. The more intricate the picture puzzle, the smaller the detail, or the more pieces to a project, the happier they will be. Even though they get totally frustrated at times, keep encouraging them, and show then how well they have done up to that point. They enjoy things that develop their natural dexterity - cutting out paper shapes, making small intricate things, weaving complicated knots, and games like jacks.

I have found Virgo children to have sensitive stomachs due to worry and anxiety. They will be fussy about toilet training, and it will be worse if they feel any shame . They need to learn to establish their own private ritual. They are fascinated by their hands and you will often see all their fingers in their mouth, not just their thumbs.

Fall Babies

Libra September 20 - October 21

Libra gives the ability to be warm and affectionate. These little ones can charm you, and are very subtle and skillful at getting their needs met. They are very social and need companionship. When other people are not around they need to be occupied with fun activities and pleasant upbeat music.

One of the keys to Libra is harmony, but this does not mean that they are always harmonious and cheerful. What it means is they are always seeking balance, like the scales which is their symbol. Peace at any cost is their hidden motto. If the family is always in chaos, they will let you know they are displeased or will go to their room.

They do not like choices - they are here to learn decision making skills, even something as simple as, "which toy should I play with"? can be a big deal. Start supporting their decision making skills from an early age.

They like classy toys. If you buy them a simple homemade toy, make sure that it looks good or they may throw it across the room, nothing dull and earthy for them. Even though they have an an artistic nature it is not for every type of art, they want elegance - they will not willingly get their fingers dirty making mud pies. They also like toys that are somewhat of a mental challenge. Don't make things too easy. They enjoy stories, especially fairy tales, or simple adventures with a happy ending. They want challenge, not violence.

Libra has a propensity toward allergies which will affect them more when they are run down or overexcited, and they are more susceptible in the fall. When they are first learning potty training they may want to pee a lot, whether they need to or not. They may crave sweets and this should be kept at a minimum, fresh fruits are better than fruit juice, limit their juice and sweet intake. I know many Libra babies who grow up to love Twinkies. (An American Sweet)

Scorpio October 20 - November 21

They are intensely emotional and very secretive. Emotions are so strong they cry as if their heart is broken. They need to be shown ways for positive expression, it is not easy for them to find the silver lining. Transform those dull days by giving them colorful crayons and paper.
Scorpio children are intense, deep, and mysterious, you often wonder what is behind those deep soulful eyes. They never reveal much about what they are truly feeling. They will fuss and the bottle won't quiet them, they hold out their arms, you pick them up and they cry harder. They don't even know what they want, and they won't explain it even if they do know. When they are older, and you ask them what is wrong, they will give you an answer that they think will distract you.

If they are fussy or "off the bottle" ask yourself if you are having a bad day, your little one may be picking up your feelings or the feelings of someone around you, for they are extremely intuitive.

They have a deep interest in big questions and require honest answers. Where did I come from, where do I go if I die, will you always be here?
They are here to transform life in some way.

For stories read then a mystery and they will be quiet and focused, stories of warlocks and dragons won't bother them at all. They love to figure out the mysteries of life. Give them puzzles and they will be entertained for hours.

Potty training is important to them. Help them get a regular schedule going, but don't shame them or they will have problems. Don't force them or they will get stubborn, they will go when they want to go. Get them a little book on what poop is all about. It may fascinate them and they want to know what it is.

Sagittarius November 20 - December 21

They are the fun loving sign of the zodiac, the life of the party; they have a great smile and laugh a lot. They love to be tickled just so they can laugh. They are restless and do not like to be tied down. Car seat time must be approached as an adventure, or they will squirm, and wriggle, and make it an ordeal.

They do not pay attention to details, and they don’t notice if their room is a mess, as long as it is not crowded or looks good to them. If you want them to clean their room turn it into a treasure hunt, or make them think about how much space they will have if they clean things up. Life is a journey for them and they are always seeking exciting, new things.

They like fun athletic equipment, balls to throw around, trampolines, bicycles, archery, and volleyball. They are fascinated by horses and pets. They like to run and are seldom still, and they love to explore new places. When they are older they may rather watch a soccer game, than a football game, because they don't want to be confined in all that gear; they want to feel free to move around.

The most vulnerable parts of the body for a young Sagittarian are the thighs. Because they are so active and always running around, be prepared for scrapes and injured muscles. Usually they are not moody, but they do need movement and light or they will feel depressed; you may notice this more in the winter.

Winter Babies

Capricorn December 20- January 21

They are old when they are young, and young when they are old, staring at you with serious, wise old eyes; they are the sages. Life is serious, and they are here to learn. This seriousness will seem to melt away as they get older, then you will see their wit, for they do have a great sense of humor hidden behind all that seriousness. They look to older people and usually gravitate toward older friends.

They adhere easily to rules, and boundaries. If you teach them to stay in the yard, they will do so. If they know that it is the law to go to bed at a certain time, they won’t put up much of a fight. When a younger brother or sister comes along they will act like a parent, they are very responsible. They are very loyal to those they love.

Capricorn is the mountain goat, whose slow and sure footing gets them to the top, so their upward climb through life will be slow, as they look for the safe and best way.

They like traditional toys, things that have a purpose, help them learn, or lead them to a goal. They like to build things, whether it is sand castles at the beach, or towers and fortresses with building blocks at home. As they get older an erector set, or building a dollhouse, will keep them busy and act as a teaching tool at the same time.

The bones, especially the knees and teeth, are subject to problems. It is amazing if a Capricorn leaves childhood without at least one break. Scraped knees will be a frequent occurrence. In the teen years skin problems are common. Watch their teeth, floss and brush, and keep the sugar down or they will have problems.

Aquarius January 20 - February 19

Now here is a unique, free spirit. Don’t fence them in. They need their freedom. They like groups better than one-on-one, but they will not get close to the group. Closeness is not in their nature. They don't want to be the leader in the group, but they will not be follow either, they just want to be around more people then just one.

They will usually have many acquaintances, not truly close friends. They seem detached only because they are in their head, more than their feelings, and they probably won’t express their love for you very often in an affectionate, emotional way. When they grunt out a few words of acknowledgement they really are being affectionate. They will probably be the, "oh Ma" type if you hug them too much. This does not mean they don’t care; they are just very mental.
They can be stubborn when their mind is made up, so good luck trying to change it, you will feel as though you are talking to yourself. When you are trying to get a point across, let them think it is their idea.
They are ruled by two planets, Uranus and Saturn. Uranus gives them the independent, let's go ahead in life nature, but Saturn brings out their fearful side, and they will act it out in some way, so don't be surprised if your fearless wonder is afraid of certain bugs or dogs, or things that rush at them quickly.

They are the wizards of world. They love gadgets, widgets, and scientific things, like science sets. They are fascinated by electricity, so make sure all your electrical outlets are baby proof. They like the unusual. Unless there are other indications in their chart, they will be happy with unusual toys. Dress the teddy bear from grandma in a space suit. Give them a toy computer and they will master it quickly; later they will master the real thing in no time. They will get lost in computer games.

Sturdy shoes are important for they may have weak ankles. This explains any difficulty learning to walk, such as clumsiness when learning to walk, and tripping constantly; find ways to strengthen their ankles.

Pisces February 19- March 21

Pisces is the greatest of the dreamers, fascinated by fantasy. They are extremely sensitive and will jump at loud noises. When they came out of the womb into the bright lights, they would have jumped back in if they could. It is the shock of going from a flowing, watery world to something more solid. If you think you are going to have a Pisces baby, you may want to try water birthing.

They are like little fish flowing from one experience to another. They don’t like to be teased, and may be shy or quiet. They don't want to pay attention to harsh reality; in fact they will find ways to avoid it. Soft colors, soft music and floaty things near the crib will soothe them.

They love soft beautiful toys, and fanciful fairytales -- good witches are ok, but no violent dragons and demons for them. A coloring book and crayons will be a best friend for them, water pastels and a little drawing table, sticker books with glittery stickers. They like to play pretend and dress up in fanciful costumes. They have vivid imaginations and often play with little friends you cannot see. You may hear them softly singing or talking in their bed at night to someone who is not there. They could spend hours in front of a TV or an aquarium. Even though they prefer happily-ever after-stories, it is good to introduce some reality based stories as long as they aren't too harsh. They need to learn that the world is a real place, but this must be done a little at a time.

They love to play with their feet. Give them pretty, soft, pastel booties to wear. Stubbed toes will be an issue for them as they grow, so give them sturdy shoes when they start to move around on their own.

There are many other factors in the chart that will shape your child, this report is based on the sun sign only. You can either have a chart consultation or you can order the Zodiac Child Report, an illustrated booklet that goes into more detail about your child.

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