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Monday, August 14, 2006

Cosmic Rays

If anyone has ever wondered how in the world a planet affects us, astrology suggests many ways, such as natal aspects, transits and eclipses. We also know of things such as solar flares, and sunspots, and have many theories of how they affect us. Astrometerology is a good example of how space activity is used.
Astronomers hear quite a bit of "space noise" and although they trace some of the noises to distant stars and galaxies, they don't have all the answers. Today APOD posted a good example.

A Cosmic Ray Picture

As stated in the article, low energy has been traced to the Sun, but the source of high cosmic rays are unknown.

Astrologers have known for centuries that we are bombarded by many celestial sources, and some of them are beyond our realm. We know many of the planetary transits that are causing current events, but this may add another explanation to some of the odd weather, and violent reactions on our planet.

The expansion of our consciousness is mirrored by the discoveries of far away stars, super novas, galaxies, black holes, and such. Our universe keeps expanding and so do we.


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