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Monday, July 24, 2006

A Reset in the Heartland

500,000 evacuated in St. Louis, major power outage, devastating storms. Mystery power outage in New York. People sent to cooling centers.

Electricity outages always indicate circuit problems, a flow problem. The number five is always a turning point. St. Louis and the Arch is known as the gateway to the West. We think of the west as progressive and ahead of the time. From a metaphysical viewpoint this means more than just the weather. A big change is up for the midwest, the heart of our country. For several years now they have been in the news as the conservative part of the US. Now, with a circuit reset on the heart level, they will reach a balance of left and right and no longer be just conservative. They are now open to progression, but they have to be open or they’ll be left in the dust, or should I say dustbowl.


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