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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Big Ego and the Oracle

From the Community Desk

Should you make that big move? Is it time to dump your boyfriend? Demand a raise? Run for office? You can ask an astrologer or ASK THE ORACLE!

Prognostication can be serious business, but you'll have fun while you get in tune with the rhythm of the universe when Boston-based band Jim's Big Ego teams up with writer/actor/musician and radio mystic, Andras Jones for an original interactive theater production, The Ego & The Oracle - a night of rock and roll divination.

Andras Jones looks like he has a lot of secrets in those deep, sensitive eyes. You would think he’s a Scorpio but he’s not. I’ll post more about the group and their Sun Signs later in the month.

The Ego and the Oracle are part experimental theater, part rock and roll cabaret, part mystic mind-expansion; The Ego & The Oracle is a live stage spectacular where “Magic 8 Ball meets iPod Shuffle”. The premise is as simple as it is unique. Audience members are invited on stage to ask questions of The Oracle; they then spin a wheel containing Jim’s Big Ego’s songs. When the wheel stops, the band spontaneously performs the chosen song, which in turn is interpreted as the answer to the question. The outcome can be humorous or moving, often both at once. It is a show about synchronicity and it’s hard to experience it without getting the sense that the universe is not only in tune, but that it also has a great sense of rhythm.

The Ego & the ORACLE will be in town in April - straight from Seattle, Washington to Somerville, Massachusetts.

When: starts the weekend of April 27, 28, 29, and continues every Sunday through June 17.
Time:7:30 PM
Location: Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theater
255 Elm Street, Davis Square
Somerville, MA 02144
Phone: (866)811-4111
PRICE: $20.00

Fri, 27 Apr '07
Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theater
Somerville, MA

Sat, 28 Apr '07
Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theater
Somerville, MA

Sun, 29 Apr '07
Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theater
Somerville, MA

Jim’s Big Ego has some great albums, “They're Everywhere”, “Noplace like Nowhere", and “Don’t Get Smart”


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