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Monday, March 26, 2007

Planetary Spirits

I know in this technological age, astrology has been trying to prove itself in the scientific community, but I also notice that many astrologers could care less.

There is something special about astrology. Astrology may be scientific, after all the Sun really does exist, and it is measurable, but astrology is also spiritual, mystical, and magical.

I'm having an email conversation about archangels and fixed stars and it made me realize that the angelic connection in astrology is underground and secretive. It is rare to pick up an astrology "cookbook" or textbook that mentions angels. There may be a definition here and there that connects a fixed star to an angel or archangel, but that is rare.

I want the magic back, I want to talk more about the planetary spirits, and I think they want to be recognized as well, and I know many people are hungry for this information.

If anyone has an experience they want to share, or information in this area, please drop me a line or mention something in the comment section. Meanwhile, I'll keep digging around and meditating on this subject. I know Alice Bailey's books are chock full of references to Planetary Spirits. Another good author is Elbert Benjamine (C.C. Zain) of the Church of Light.


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