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Friday, March 30, 2007

Sun Signs for Writers

A Book Review

Do you ever wonder if there’s anything you can do about writers block? Do you wonder if there’s a way you can tap into your best qualities as a writer? Do you wonder what writing will do for you? You don’t have to wonder any longer.

I found a great book that answers these questions and many more. Sun Signs for Writers by Bev Walton-Porter is a unique book, and it’s not just for astrologers. You won’t find another book like this one.

This is a fun, informative book, and you don’t have to be an astrologer to get something out of it. Bev Walton-Porter has written in a style that is easy to understand, simple enough for a novice astrologer, or even someone who knows nothing about astrology. Advanced astrologers will find it useful as well.

Whether you’re writing non-fiction, a magazine article, a novel, poetry, an astrology book, ramblings in your journal, a post for your blog, or a letter to a lover, a friend, or family, this book will open up your creative flow.

What you’ll find in Sun Signs for Writers

· A nice introduction to the signs and planets
· Color-coded sections provide easy access to each sign
· Writing characteristics for each sign
· How to smash writer’s block
· How to deal with rejection, rejection do’s and don’ts
· Giving and receiving criticism
· 10 paths to publication
· Writers on the cusp
· A list of authors for each sun sign
· Exercises that will help you explore and develop your own personal creative style.

Have you ever filled your wastebasket to overflowing as you try to develop a character? Don’t despair; there is help. At the end of the book, she shows you how to build your characters by sign.

I have pulled out my copy on many occasions when the words just won’t come, or when I don’t want to write and I have deadline. I have used it when the creative juices are flowing, and I want to improve my style.

If you want to start enjoying your writing, get this book. "Sun Signs for Writers" is a good addition to any bookshelf or library.


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