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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Using Transits Part 2 Something Bad to Something Good

When we’re in the middle of a transit, it isn’t always easy to see our way out. With a difficult transit, many people don't notice what's going on until they reach the breaking point. It's easy to be sucked in, and not realize what’s going on until after we've had enough. When we’ve had enough, we can turn something bad, into something beneficial. It's never too late.

The world provides us with many things that cooperate with what we’re thinking and feeling. There's an old saying, "We are what we think". If we upgrade this thought to fit in with the New Age, it becomes, "We attract what we think".

During a difficult transit, a vibration is set up that attracts matching events. I gave a few simple, everyday, examples in my post on Saturn and Neptune Deceptive Marketing. At the end of that post, I also promised that I'd help you find ways to work with a negative transit; there are ways to get something positive out of every transit.

Guilty, Guilty, Guilty, as Charged

Let me give a personal example. It's a rather simple example, but that's often how a transits start out. The other day I was reading a complimentary article about my blog. Then I read someone else's response that I thought wasn't complimentary. My reaction? In my mind, I started doing the usual negative tape and blame game. I'm being discredited, not appreciated, misinterpreted, she didn't read my entire article or she wouldn't have said that, I being taken out of context, I wasn’t clear about what I said, I didn’t write enough, yada, yada, yada. Finally, I ran out of steam, and stopped beating myself up. When I was ready to let go, I saw the truth of the matter. When I went back and read the post, I realized she may not have been referring to me; wow, was that my ego or what? She didn't say I was bad, she just said that she didn't want to read something negative, she wanted to read a positive way to work with astrology.

For several weeks, I’ve concentrated on the negative, so I attracted something that's on my mind. That’s not to say that problems should be avoided or ignored; noticing the problems and then transforming them is the key. It's been on my mind to write something positive to balance the negative. However, media drama pulled me, and I put off the idea of the positive side of things. Negative headlines are catching my attention.

The Transits Involved

Mercury, (communication) was making a square (friction) to my Venus (harmony and pleasing others), affecting the 6th house of daily work, and 10th house of reputation. I heard that small voice say, "You’re such a wimp, trying to be pleasant all the time". Do you want to be known as a Susie do-gooder? Stick with the negative stuff kid; it’s more interesting.

Standing up to my inner critic is not what harmonious Venus likes to do, until her warrior side comes out. Normally, Venus would rather acquiesce to the inner critic and write about negative things than rebel and create a commotion. However, Venus can fight when she’s motivated.

Morning and Evening Venus

Venus has two sides. Evening Venus is reflective and restrained; she's pleasant and wants to get along with everyone. Morning Venus is a hellion; she’s dangerous; she's the warrior. Her negative side can be overly compromising; her positive side is stands up for what she believes is just and fair, and brings personal pleasure. I decided to choose the route of personal pleasure.

Reading that post was exactly what I needed. Thank you very much. It jolted me into realizing my intuition is right. People do want to hear the good. I turned the incident from a negative to a positive.

How to Turn a Negative

It's easier than you think to change a situation, thought. or feeling; it just takes constant focus. For instance, when Neptune, the planet of delusion and deceit, is making a hard aspect to Saturn, the planet of fear and lack, look for the positive qualities. For Neptune, think of faith and spirituality, and for Saturn think success, and reaching your goals. If you need a visualization, imagine climbing the highest mountain (Saturn)you can think of(Neptune).

In my article on Saturn and Neptune, I pointed out some of the subtle ways that we are exposed to the negative sides of these planets. When Neptune causes the “illusion” of lack created by Saturn, turn to faith, and know that Saturn will help you reach your goals. Have faith (Neptune) that your world of form (Saturn) is just right for you. Letting illusions and fantasy take over (Neptune), especially when they’re not what you really want, is not being grounded in the here and now (Saturn); it's avoidance. Have the faith that you are always provided for while on this earth, that's a lesson of Saturn.

We are often given small lessons to get us started. If we don’t listen, the lessons get louder.

A small lesson may have started at the grocery store. If you were attracted to a bargain soap powder and then disappointed because you were gypped, let Saturn show you how to build the lesson of faith. Rather than think you were deluded, use your imagination and know that soon you will attract something good into your material reality. Saturn is just reminding you that practice makes perfect. Once you get the thing you desire, find a way to use it as soon as possible. Don't tuck it away in the closet. Saturn always brings a lesson that makes material life better.

What you attract does not have to be material; it may be a talent or way of thinking that will make the world a better place for you. Your attraction will help you reach your goals and climb to the top of your world.

You may attract another lesson to test yourself. If you don’t get it the first time, the teacher Saturn, will be happy to give you a more noticeable lesson.

The Positive Sides of the Planets

I'll be talking about this in the future, but let me get you started. Learn the positive and negative characteristics of planets and signs. When you find yourself in the negative mode, turn to the positive. Click here to read keywords for planets, signs.

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Blogger The Weather Alternative said...


Very good article! This is a theme that I find is being repeated a lot in my life as of late i.e. keep thinking on the positive and you will attract the positive.

I think this is what the Bible teaches (and what I try to follow)when it talks about having faith but many have missed this important truth. I know I have. So I appreciate you posting this as it drives home the message that I'm supposed to be getting.


11:14 PM  
Blogger The Astrology Page said...

Hi Ken,

It seems as if many astrologers are thinking about the postive sides of astrology. We're past only reading doom and gloom of previous ages. I often forget to see both sides, especially when I'm in the middle of a tranist.

It's probably like the weather. One rainy day is fun, ten is a little much, but when it's over that makes a sunny day glorious.

In the Northeast we still have the cold you predicted. It's cold, but it makes the skies blue, and the russets and golds of the trees stand out against the blue skies.

Thanks for your comments and your weather at the Weather Alternative.

11:43 AM  
Blogger The Weather Alternative said...


Check out the fulfillment of the long-range forecast for the approaching coastal storm headed your way.


5:04 PM  

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