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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Need a Little Grounding?

With the Moon going through Pisces, and the lack of the earth element, you may feel a little disconnected in the next few days. With most of the planets in air or water this week, there is a tendency to be in the mind without being in the moment, and this means you aren't grounded in the here and now. With the Pisces Moon, there is a fogginess, which makes it difficult to think clearly, or to think about practical things, and daily life. It would be easier to get lost in fantasy through movies, books, or daydreaming. When we're not grounded, it's easy to get scattered, or to procrastinate, and our desire to avoid reality is stronger.

What to do?

If possible, go outside in nature. Walk in the park, or walk barefoot with your feet making contact with the earth, whether it's rock, dirt, or sand. One of the best ways to ground is to sit with your back against a tree. Another good way to ground, especially if you have to stay inside is to hold a piece of hematite or obsidian in your hand, put it in a pocket below the waist, or attach it to your belt.

Another way to ground is through food, choosing root vegetables such as carrots or potatoes. You can ground with color by using orange or yellow vegetables such as winter squash, or pumpkin. If you’re spaced out, avoid juicy summer vegetables that are high in water, such as lettuce, and avoid salads for the next few days. We recently had a raw vegetable scare in the US, so cooking vegetables serves two purposes. It's more grounding, and at higher temperatures, cooking will kill harmful bacteria. Baking is more grounding than steaming or cooking in water.

Make a Flower Essence

In the future, you may wish to try some potato flower essence; four to six drops under the tongue should be enough. Potato flower essence is easily made from the blooming flowers of a potato. Place the petals in a clean, (sterilized) clear glass or crystal bowl with a cup of spring water. Place in the Sun for two hours. This is called the Mother Essence. Carefully remove the flowers and pour the water into a sterilized glass jar and cover. To remove the flowers use a clean wooden utensil, or a leaf, don't use your fingers. Next, get a small (1/2 ounce to one ounce) dark dropper bottle and fill with 2/3 spring water and 1/3 brandy. Add 7 drops of the Mother Essence to every ounce of water. Now it's set and ready for use. This is called the stock level, often used for physical issues. You can further potentize the essence by adding 7 drops of the stock essence to a new dropper bottle. This is called the dosage level, which works with the energy body, as well as the physical body. If you are unable to make your own potato essence, it may be ordered through

Colds are more prevalent now, or they may come back again. Discomfort in the head, and watery problems such as a runny nose, or lung and air issues are more obvious. The Full Moon in Aries on Friday 10/06 may acerbate head colds or headaches.

Once we move past the watery Moon in Pisces on Friday, the dryness of the air signs will help.


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