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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Is Tom Cruise on the Outs with Hollywood?

Yesterday Paramount Pictures decided to part ways with Tom Cruise. They cited his relationship with the mother of his child, Katie Holmes, and his criticism on antidrpressants.

Tom Cruise was born 7/3/62 3:06 PM Syracuse, NY.

His Sun, noticeable near the top of his chart, is in a grand trine with Neptune, (film) and Jupiter (success). This grand trine has brought him enormous success in movies with Jupiter in the 5th house of entertainment. Neptune in the first house adds to his interest in film and fantasy, and gives him his romantic persona. A Cancer Sun is very much in tune with the needs of the pubic, and this has made him an astute judge of what will be popular. However, Cancer rules the moods of the public, and Cancer is a weak sign for the Sun, the Sun has no dignity. We must turn to the Moon to understand why he must be careful with his emotional life and public perception.

The Moon is not in great condition. The natal Moon is in a wide fixed t-square with Neptune and Saturn. That same Neptune that brings him success in films makes him vulnerable to the moods of the public; he must watch how he acts in public. For the most part he has been very careful, he is not known for wild parties, drugs, and drinking, and he's often been supportive of the underdog. The Moon also makes a square to natal Saturn. Saturn is the one who requires that we work hard, and makes us pay for mistakes.

His Midheaven is also involved with the same t-square, and since it is closer by degree, it is very potent. The Midheaven deals with reputation in the world, just as the Moon deals with notice by the public. The Moon is right up there with his Midheaven, so he is constantly in the public eye, and under scrutiny for his reputation. This position is often involved when jealousy rears its ugly head.

In addition, the Moon doesn’t like to be in the sign Leo; it has no dignity, just as the Sun in Cancer has no dignity. But here’s the twist, the Sun and Leo are in each other’s signs which gives them dignity by exchange. This is called mutual reception, and this helps him get out of his dilemmas. However, anything that affects the Sun affects the Moon for better or worse, but because the Sun has good natal aspects, it is usually for the better.

We’ve set up some of the patterns in his chart, so let’s see how they are being activated. On the surface it sounds like he’s had a bombshell dropped in his lap, but the chart says maybe not.

Since last fall, there has been a fixed t-square creating havoc for almost everyone. For Tom Cruise, this t-square has been flirting with his natal t-square – MC/Moon, Neptune and Jupiter. It has moved on, but it shows that circumstances were set up starting last fall.

We know the 10th house is reputation and that the Moon and Sun go hand in hand by mutual reception. The Sun is the ruler of the 10th house (Midheaven). When a transit hits his Sun, it triggers his Moon as well, brings notice by the general public, as well as his fans.

Transit Jupiter and Uranus have both been activating his Sun by trine for many months. Uranus brings unexpected events, such as the birth of his child, but it also brings things to a sudden end it they’re not helping him. Jupiter is a planet that deals out success and in trine to the Sun, we see that he is heading for bigger and better things. This is not without problems, because it is also triggering the t-square with the Moon,/Midheaven, Jupiter, and Neptune. The t-square that makes the movie industry try to trip him up, but also makes us stand up and notice him. Jupiter made a conjunction to Neptune a few weeks ago and back door dealings and deception started then.

For now, he’s in a despicable situation, and he’s been getting bad press for his couch antics, and mouthing off, but something is going to bail him out, just as it did for Mel Gibson last month. Mel got more publicity than normal, and Tom’s name is on the front page once again. Bad news is often good news in Hollywood. Notoriety of any kind is important.

A Few Other pertinent transits

T. Mars square natal Mercury, T. Sun conjunct progressed Uranus, T. Jupiter trine natal Jupiter, T. Neputne oppose natal Venus.

Click here for his natal chart and more anaylsis.


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