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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Steve Jobs a biography by Walter Issacson

I have had many crisis calls from people in the past two weeks, especially those in the financial world. Many events are creating chaos for business people, but we are all being affected by events going on. Understanding is the key to working with these events.

One event which has created a profound effect is the death of Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple Computers, iTunes, iPod, and iPad.

Steve Jobs death triggered an unexpected outpouring of emotion around the world. Many people were stunned and saddened. Many were comforted when his sister, Mona Simpson, revealed his last words. As he was dying, he looked past his sister into the distance and said, "Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow". This shook many people up about the meaning of death, as well as giving hope.

At the end of October, his biography was released. In the first week, this book sold 379,000 copies. By now, I would suspect that more than half a million people have read, or are reading it, and more than 90% are business people. This means that a strong thought form is being created in the business world.

Even if you didn't know, didn't like, or didn't care about Steve Jobs, you will be affected in some way. The creative thought form that he expressed is a part of our world and will continue to attract new inventions.

He pushed the tech world to bring us devices that served everyone, not just business people. His focus was simplicity and quality. He wanted to bring us things that we could carry in the palm of our hand, or the pocket of or jeans.

His vision helped revolutionize the digital world. Have you ever wished you would be able to keep those old magazines but not take up space or create more stuff to collect dust? Now we can save them on the on our computers with dazzling graphics.

Thanks to him and his pushiness the tech world will make our lives simpler on the material level, but more complicated in other ways. The challenge will be dealing with the complications.

Because of the iPod, I can now download audio books or music to play as I drive my car, clean my house, exercise, or take walks in the woods. I no longer have books cluttering up my home, but I take less time to be in the silence.

The tech world has been a part of our lives for several years now. This is part of the "Aquarian Age" and few of us know how to deal with it. We are afraid to let go of our material world. Confusion is rampant now as changes are taking place faster than we can accommodate.

Click the image to read about a brilliant, creative, confused, irrational, emotional, artistic, visionary, driven man.


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