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Monday, June 04, 2012

Transit of Venus 2012

The following is an article by astrologer Philip Sedgwick about the Transit of Venus and other things.

The big news is the Venus transit. Tuesday to Wednesday, June 2012. Depending upon where in the world you reside, the highly anticipated transit astronomically culminates at 01:30:43 GMT on June 6th.
The Venus transit will bring to light matters of greed, economic advantage and/or economic exploitation, matters of social standing, women’s issues and concerns about the labor force.

Let’s see, the union-busting Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, faces a recall election on the day of the transit. I’ll be riveted to election results.

Film industry forums are peppered with blogs and articles regarding the merit of female film directors. Really? The Cannes Film Festival is under fire for their exponentially lopsided ratio of male directors contrasted with women directors in films selected.

Female crash test dummies recently entered service in automobile accident studies for the first time ever. Because of the average height difference between women and men, significant discoveries regarding air bag protection have emerged, indicating the bags are not as protective of women as previously believed
How hysterical that Facebook, the iconic platform of “are you cool” and “liked (or not),” and a signature of flawed social status perceptions, launched its IPO during Venus retrograde, the last stock day trading before an eclipse and way too close to the Venus transit. What was confirmed: Zuckerberg does not use astrologers. And obviously he’s too young to remember the fiasco when Coca Cola changed sweetness of the main Coke product during Venus retrograde in April 1985. Within hours they had to have a special phone number for complaint. Here, within days, the need for an investigation into a potential insider trading scheme arose.

Almost immediately the stock of Facebook fell below offering prices. Then, it was reported that during the IPO process, underwriting banks devalued the stock, telling only premiere investors. Uh-oh. That’s not good. While Venus has a thick atmosphere virtually impossible to see through, this move bears clear deceptive signatures. Was this an example of economic exploitation? Depends if you had the inside goods and/or worked as a broker or suffered as an investor.

Now confirmed to be the biggest IPO flop in a decade, Facebook hype states that true to the Gemini nature of things in Venus land, they will likely enter the saturated mobile phone market.

Recently at the leading edge (or so they claim) TED Conference, entrepreneur, Nick Hanauer spoke about the reality of the super rich being job creators. Hanauer, the first non-family investor in Amazon amongst many other entrepreneurial ventures, bashed contemporary conservative economic claims. Surely that will severely annoy the Eris economic subset of society that excludes 99% of the people from prosperity, Hanauer declared the need for a conscious economic ecosystem based upon a lucid understanding that corporations do not sustain the economy. Consumers with needs and wants sustain the global economic foundation. Hanauer speculated that an astronomer basing modern ideas on the model that the Earth is the center of the Universe is likely to come up with some terrible astronomy, as he noted that economic models must be grounded in truths, realism and modern economic facts.

Fortunately, Hanauer did not call out astrologers. 99% of the astrologers use earth-centered astrology, fully realizing that the Sun is the center of the solar system, and the Galactic Center, Super Galactic Center have their own realms under control. Right? That’s what the 99% of the astrologers clearly realize. Right? I suspect that makes me a one percenter. I realize the importance of heliocentric astrology, though I must admit, I use it only about 1% of the time. Maybe this Venus transit will change that. The true picture reality of the Venus transit can only be fully grasped in the heliocentric model. Here on Earth, we see Venus moving backward (retrograde), though she’s not.

To honor the Venus transit, whether you agree with him or not, check out Hanauer’s talk. I did not find it on the TED site where it had been banned, but it is widely circulating on YouTube. This talk is important because it is an example of how talking points can remain fact free and works to point out the need to filter and distill agenda-driven input. There’s a rumor that Gemini can say one thing while meaning another. This is a way of checking out that claim.

A recent positive possibly related to the Venus retrograde, Space X. Though space exploration launches are likely destructive to the atmosphere in known ways that most do not know, this is a positive step for space development (and the economy in the private sector). Other than Russian space launches, astronauts on the ISS are SOL for recrewing and resupplying. Second sourcing of important or essential basic needs is mandatory in any engineering environment. Now, for the first time since the demise of the Space Shuttle program, a viable second source exists. The chart for the launch of Space X is by far, one of the best mundane horoscopes I’ve examined in a very long time.

All of the above seems to represent the building influence of the transit of Venus, notwithstanding the preexisting political battles on labor, women and the economically downtrodden. On a personal level, can an individual derive anything from this.

Well, Venus is retrograde. Innately, she is passionate, driven, intent. As a planet extreme heat and pressure exist on her surface, which would kill a human. The resulting symbolic human reaction: matters of Venus feel heated beyond the boiling point and the urgency surrounding monetary and relationship matters rises to extreme levels. During her Gemini transit, she ranges in a duplicitous, “see the other side of the coin,” mentally motivated sign. From this, perhaps some guidelines can be established.
First, chill. Do whatever you can to prevent succumbing to pressures whether internal, societal or relational in origin. When calm and feeling clear of frying pans and fires, then...

Reestablish clarity on personal values. Perhaps a Gemini flip-flop maneuver might do the trick. For purposes of perspective, try logic in response to feelings. When unknotting logic tangles or mental meltdowns, feel your way through those.

Remember, there’s what you want. There’s what others want, and there’s what others want for you. Using which of those considerations will you negotiate, and to what limit? Is your line in the sand clear to others? Is it visible from where you stand?

What do you think about needs? What do you think about wants? Any belief systems about either that you’d like to replace? This is a time in which what you seek must be consistent with what you believe you should do.

Do you value your talents and skills sufficiently? Do you know your natural merit and intrinsic value?

Do you fit in? What would it take to fit in more... and even better, do you want to fit in more, or are you content with your Erissian status of being the outcast or outsider?

Can you participate in changing the things in the world that offend your sensibilities? Is that your best course of action?

On a scale of one to ten, how content are you on the physical, mental, emotional, professional, social, domestic, creative and spiritual levels? If not ranking high enough in any category, on a scale of one to ten, how motivated are you to do anything about it?

Curious Gemini loves intriguing answers to profound questions. Mars in Virgo loves a clearly defined path in the interest of achieving the psyche’s greatest objectives. In the mall of life can you locate the “you are here” sign?

While the Venus transit portends shifting concerns and intensified priorities on the collective level, any individual can apply the energies to stake a renewed claim in seeking their heart’s desire.

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