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Monday, June 04, 2012

Chasing Venus

The Transit of Venus became of mundane interest in 1761 as the world was again breaking away from the control of religion and the monarchies. Before this time, the transit had only been of interest to astrologers.
In the late 1700’s, this transit mobilized scientists worldwide to share information for the first time. This was the first concerted effort to measure the size of the solar system.

The Mayans believed that Venus was a war goddess, but held Venus in high esteem as well as fear. Is it a coincidence that the Transit of Venus is occurring in 2012, the same year as the "end" of the Mayan calendar?

Chasing Venus is a book about the political intrigues and wars, as well as the scientific astronomical objectives during this time. The Transit of Venus has accompanied great scientific changes in our world. From this, we can speculate that Venus is more than a vibration of social propriety and beauty.

If you do not enjoy scientific narration, it may be a little dry.


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