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Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Number 11

One of my readers has asked about the negativity that is prevalent now and how it relates to the number 11. She has been seeing the number 11 everywhere and is scheduled to go on a trip on 11/11. Many of the websites say that the number 11 is associated with impending doom, but 11 is much more than doom.

11 is a very powerful number; it is a master number that indicates that you are being tested in some way, usually by hidden trials, such as your emotional feelings about the trip, but that does not mean that you will attract only dire events.

We are all in a shifting phase on our planet seeing both good and bad.

I live in the US and the election is bringing up fear and doom. I have seen families break up over this election.

Compare your reaction to negative events to the act of mining gold and stirring up sludge and finding ugly little particles. You have to go through it to get to the real gold. With fear you must go through the same process. The fear is meant to be released or strained off. You don't throw out the gold, just clean it up.

If you read Linda Goodman's book, Star Signs, she writes that the 11 means that two forces must unite. The difficulty comes from the "illusion" of separation.

In my words, I say this is separtaton from Source, God, Higher Power. You don't have to walk the Earth on your own. That's the hard way.

All of us are being given guidance to look for ways to go to a higher level on our spiritual evolutionary path. Your guidance is knocking on your awareness. It always get louder, and louder, and louder, until you you pay attention and are willing to recieve love and guidance from source.

Start looking for good things, pay attention to them and appreciate them. Where you put your attention and how you work with your intention is important now. Even your desire to face your fears makes a big difference. Facing fear is one of the biggest things we can all can do right now. Don't get mental, just acknowledge and feel negative emotions.

You will pass the test by wanting the best for yourself and others, and working for it. Work is different than in the past, think of doing your work with ease and grace.

We are ending a 26,000 year cycle. For the past 13,000 years we have been asleep, now we are waking up. We are in an ascending Kali Yuga phase.

Everything that happens now is more powerful and 11 becomes even more powerful on November, 11 (11/11). On 11/11 all of us can tap into this energy to help ourselves and the planet on this spiritual evolutionary path.

November 11, is one of the most powerful days of the year. Take advantage of this day through meditation, affirmations, focus, intention, prayer, or go on a trip.

Good luck and good wishes and enjoy your trip


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