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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Corrections for Myanmar

After more research I found that the date of the move from Yangon was frequently listed as November, 2005, not 2006. The capital was moved to Naypyidaw not Pyinmana.

Here is a quote from a Myanmar astrologer left in the comment section on my previous article about Myanamar. "No myanmar astrologers predicted ahead storms & earthquakes. Although they believed in Occults,they are somehow careless about such misfortunes."

In the Boston Globe article that I read, it was not stated that the capital was moved because an astrologer predicted an earthquake or a storm. The specific reason the capital was moved was not revealed by the astrologer or the junta. The author of the Boston Globe article felt that it was to keep the military rulers safe from attack. Attacks come from storms as well as other nations.

To read the article go to this link.

Did the astrologer realize that the new capital would keep the rulers safe from storms? We may never know. The astrologer "elected" the time and date of the move and the rulers used this precise time to begin the move. So far we see that the elected time is working. The junta is safe. Electional astrolgy is very powerful and is often used by governments and corporations.

Although storms are difficult to predict, the path of a storm can often be predicted . A fellow astrologer used Solar Maps (by Esoteric Technologies) and correctly predicted that a US hurricane would leave the path mapped out by the meterological services. She then mapped the change in course and got it right. She did this correctly for many other storms.

Hopefully some day we will be able to fine tune meterological astrology and use it more often. It has a higher accuracy than the weather reports we see in the media.

Also, I apologize for my spelling. "Capitol" is a government building, while "capital" is the correct spelling for the official government seat for a state or nation.


Anonymous K S Vyas said...

yes u r right...good discussion.

-K S Vyas

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Astromaze said...

True, I agreed.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous DecisionCare said...

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