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Friday, November 10, 2006

Thoughts for Change in the New Dimension

The Life We Live, The Changes We Make

November is a time of change as we see by the falling of leaves in the North, or the shoots coming up in Southern climes. In November, the Sun is in the sign Scorpio, the sign of change and transformation. This year we have had five planets in Scorpio and that means we are seeing major transformation.

There has been a big shift in the US in the past few days as the voters went to the polls and let the world know that the old ways no longer work, and that they are tired of death and corruption. This is another sign that big change is coming. I know some say that there is not that much difference between the parties, and that's often true. But the important point is that the people have made a statement, they want change.

I have another site where I post thoughts on how to work with the changes in our world. We are going into a new dimension and the energy is different. I know because I can feel it, and so will you if you haven't already.

We have a few more weeks to complete our transformations. Here are a few thoughts to help you make the changes:

Time Feels Slow
In the non-physical realm time and manifestation are instantaneous. This is one of the reasons we get to frustrated and restless when we are waiting for something. We are used to the feeling of immediacy.

The Good Life

We aren't here just to experience the material life. We are also here to have the experience of creating the material life.

A Matter of Change

We are learning to work with change day in and day out, nothing is constant. Things often appear to be the same on the outside, but this is an illusion. For example, when the Earth does a revolution, it does not come back to the same spot, in fact that spot is many miles away. The Sun moves 220km/s, and if you looked at the same area of the sky 24 hours later, based on the Sun's movement alone, we have actually traveled about 19,008,00 km. This does not factor in the movement of the Earth or the Milky Way. Who or where will you be tomorrow? It's amazing that we don't feel the speed of the movement. Everything is in perfect order.

Time Is On Its Way

If you suddenly feel as if you have lost track of time, you probably have. Our perceptions are changing, and what we call reality is changing as well. This is not the same thing as walking into a room and forgetting what you were going to do. That is another matter. This is the feeling that there has been some type of shift, that time has either speeded up, slowed down, or disappeared altogether.

Here are some of the feelings and thoughts that go with the time shift. You may feel one of them, or you may feel them all.

An hour or more has gone by, and yet you feel as if you're in a time warp. as if time doesn't exist. The clock has moved ahead an hour, but it feels as if time is standing still.

Your depth perception is off. You go to reach for something an overshoot the mark. You may bump your head, or body. You lift something and it feels heavier or lighter than usual.

You hear sounds such as tinkling of bells or a high note.

Your body just doesn't feel right, but nothing seems wrong. You may feel achy or heavy.

Feeling lethargic is another symptom. Part of this has to do with being in a new space and not knowing what to do with it. It's like going to a new place without a map, and it's a little tiring moving around at first. Once you get used to the terrain and the timing, you'll feel more energetic.

One moment you feel as if everything is zooming by, and the next you feel as if you're at a dead stop. The energy we are going through will be at a crest, and the next moment in a trough. Think of time as coming and going with the tides.

Focus Changes Everything

The way we focus on things sets up a pattern that brings more of the same. If you're in a park watching children play ball, and you hear them laughing with delight and joy, and you notice their accomplishments, you'll hear more joy, and you set up a pattern to attract joy and accomplishments into your life. A person near you may hear yelling and screaming, and cringe in discomfort with each sound. This sets up a pattern to hear more loud shouting, and loud attractions that make that person cringe and feel more discomfort.

Small Stuff

When something happens notice how you feel. Feelings are a guide to how you're doing in life. If you don't feel good about something, your inner source is telling you that you want something else. You're uncomfortable with the negative attraction and want the positive. Thinking about what makes you happy will adjust your inner positive attraction meter and voila, here comes the good stuff. Do this with everything in life, the little as well as the big stuff.

For instance, if you have a bad hair day, say to yourself I want to like my hair. I want to feel good about the way I look. Look at pictures of hairdos that you like, or pull out pictures of yourself that make you feel good.

The small stuff gets you ready to want the big stuff.

Climbing the Mountain

Think of yourself as the mountain goat whose climb is steady and upward, one sure foot at a time. You don't need to look back and see who is watching, or to look side to side to see if there may be a better way. Keep going on the path and look forward. The good advice of climbers is not to look down but to keep moving forward and upward. Don't let your thoughts go back either.

Grounded by the Light

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