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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Matter of Motion, Commotion, and Change

It seems appropriate to talk about change and illusion on one of the biggest nights of illusion in the US - Halloween, a cross quarter day. Although for kids, rather than a night to honor transition to a life in a different dimension, it has become a night to honor candy and apparel manufacturers. Historically Halloween was also a time to scare away the dead and so we have the origination of scary costumes.

We've had two major changes this weekend. Mercury went retrograde and Neptune went direct. This could have been chaotic for some, although Neptune makes the edges fuzzy. Click here to learn about retrogrades.

We are learning to work with change. If you think you're the same person you were a moment ago, you're not. If you think you're standing in the same spot, you're not.

When things appear to be the same, this is an illusion. For instance, when the Earth does its daily revolution, it doesn't come back to the same spot in space. In fact, 24 hours later, based on the Sun's movement alone, you have actually traveled 19,008,000 km away from that spot. This calculation does not factor in the movement of the Earth around the Sun, or the movement of the Milky Way. Even with all that incredible speed, we feel less commotion than that of a Ferris wheel.

Speeding Things Up and Slowing Things Down

Mercury, a planet of speed and movement, is an air sign, and like the wind, it moves hither and yon, constantly changing speed. The slowest it gets is when it's in fixed signs.

Mercury likes change, however in a Mercury Rx it's better to just re-think any major alterations in your life, and do them after the station direct. Although, maintaining your car or appliances, or getting them fixed is a good thing to do.

Right now, Mercury is Rx in Scorpio, a very slow sign, which will give you a chance to delve deeply into how you feel about any matter, especially life altering matters. Scorpio is the MASTER of change and transformation. Mercury goes direct on 11/17, and one month later when it goes into in into the fiery, mutable sign Sagittarius, it will feel like it’s in hyper-speed.

Do You Really Want to Remain the Same?

Some people thrive on change, and others like to do the same things over, and over, (especially people with fixed signs like me.) But sometimes re-doing is necessary. It seems as if I replaced my water heater yesterday, and it's time again. Ugh, Not again! (Mercury in Scorpio is perfect for thinking about re-doing anything connected to water.)

Do you and other people really want the status quo; do you really dislike change; do you like to do everything repeatedly? To prove a point, let's get practical. How do you feel when the same monthly bills arrive? Aren't you tired of getting them? Wouldn't you like to pay them off, and have some extra money for a change?

Words Say a Lot

How often do you hear, "do you have any change?" Metaphysically, it's not an accident that we've related the word "change" to money and that it connects us to other people. Astrologically speaking, Venus is related to both money and human connections.

Use the Retro to Make Simple Changes

Re-do the body with water, (workouts, spas, home treatments,) especially the derriere (Scorpio). Walking in the rain in my clogs this weekend must have taken inches off mine. I never noticed the muscles in that area; they were screaming.

Cosmic Trends

Change is inevitable and the more we squawk about it the harder it is to deal with it. I agree, some changes are difficult, like the consequences of our growing global population. However, humans are resourceful and will eventually solve the problems. Think of what London must have been like in the horse and buggy days, when congestion was as bad as it is now. Reading the history of astrology, and astrology books about cosmic events, shows that the planets do spur great changes. Phil Brown's book "Cosmic Trends" will be out in a few days.

All Planets Direct

There are many Rx planets every year. We only have short periods of fast-forward motion when all the planets are direct. We have an all-direct phase coming up between 11/20 and 12/5. The last planet to go direct in 2006 is Uranus on 11/20. This gives us approximately 16 days of direct planets. Saturn breaks the all-direct phase when it goes Rx on 12/5. For a little over two weeks, we have the chance to move forward and make changes with no restrictions.

Space Dust Makes a Mess

Recently my friends' daughter was complaining that everything is dirtier than usual, and that it takes more time to clean, which of course was cutting into her time playtime. I told her that we're traveling though a new area of outer space that has lots of dust, and to plan on a few hours extra chore time for the next few months. Her response? That's not fair; she could care less about astronomy. I had fun with a Neptune fib that will probably get me in trouble, but at least she won't have to have to spend more time cleaning and less time having fun. Who knows? Maybe sometimes the dust we travel through in space does make more of a mess.


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