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Friday, October 20, 2006

The Clutter Experience

I'm always hearing new age people complain about clutter. Clutter in itself is not good or bad, in fact, it tells you that you're a rather good attractor. If your attractions start to feel cluttered, all you have to do is create more space, get organized, use your stuff, or let it go. We're all here on this planet to have fun as we learn, so don’t get down on yourself. You must have had fun collecting your stuff, that’s as important as the stuff itself.

If you attract more than you need, and start to feel uncomfortable about it, and things keeps piling up, this is where the problems start. The fear of letting go might be the culprit. Are you afraid you won't be able to attract again? On the other hand, are you avoiding putting things in order and tidying up? Do you need to create more space? Do you need to use what's cluttering the place up?

Put Clutter in its Place

There's nothing initially wrong with a little clutter. What's important is attitude and attention. Nature has a great habit of cluttering. In the forest, when the leaves fall from the trees, they clutter all over the place, but then a nice breeze comes along and everything is moved around. We never say to the tree, “Oh what a mess you made, you cluttered all over the place.” It may be a matter of use; nature uses the fallen leaves as nutrients for new growth. If you aren’t going to use what’s in your personal piles, the energy just sits and vegetates. Every time you walk by, if you have a negative thought, you add what I call an energy dump; it builds up, and you loose a little of your own personal energy. What a drain, no wonder you're too tired to clean it up.

You may have to take some creative measures. I had a client whose son liked to pile things near the busy entry of the house. Things were getting very tense. She started spraying the area with Sage and thinking lovely thoughts. Within a month, the area cleared up and she never had to say a thing.

Your Clutter Personality

You've chosen the clutter experience for a reason. Think of what type you are. Are you a person who has closet clutter, cupboard clutter, drawer clutter, or do you drop everything in a certain spot? Those areas build up a vortex of energy and become a clutter magnet.

In the past, I've been great at creating clutter. For the most part, my life is very organized, and maybe a little over organized at times, (I have strong Virgo in my chart). Clutter is the one area where I let go. (My clutter is very organized.) When it gets out of balance, or I end up tripping, I know it's time to clean it up, and clear it out. I’m a material magnet. Friends are always dropping things off. They say “you may need this”, or “I know you'll find the right place for this”. I finally put my foot down and said, “No more, I‘m not the local Goodwill truck.” I have the clutter experience down pat, time to let go.

I know if you live with someone this is a different story, but why have you chosen to live with someone who drives you bonkers with their clutter when they leave the dishes all over the place, or drop their clothing or towels on the floor? What are you projecting?

Use the Moon

The next few days we're in the last quarter Moon, a letting go time. The Moon is in Libra until shortly after the New Moon on the 22nd. Libra is the planet of love, beauty, harmony, and money. (In astrology, Venus the ruler of Libra is love and money.) You may have lots of money and not enough love, or you may have lots of love and not enough money, or a lack of both. If so, Venus is in disharmony. Start cleaning things out. Keep in mind the harmony and pleasure keywords of Venus and Libra as you weed through the pile, and think of the good things ahead, even if you have to make them up. Don't think of what's wrong.

The cleaning up process can be done in any waning Moon. If the Moon is in Virgo, you'll notice all the little, nitty-gritty bits. Nothing will escape your attention. If the Moon is in Scorpio, you'll probably have a cathartic experience as you get down and deep into the pit. This is a good time to clean the basement. If the Moon is in Aries, you'll clean out with lots of gusto. If you clean out in a Taurus or Capricorn Moon, you'll have quite a lesson in letting go. Go to the Ephemeris Page to find the sign of the Moon, then go to the signs and figure out how it will affect the clean up.

Feng Shui

If you use Feng Shui, don't just change the area. Think about what the area means psychologically. Is your money corner a mess? Maybe your love corner is jammed. Since we're in a Libra Moon, now is a good time to think of love and relationships while you clean out the area that means love or money. For several months, I was ignoring a certain area of my home. One day I decided it needed a good stirring up, and a clean. About a week later, my business rocketed up. If you guessed it was my money corner, you're right.

Look up what each area represents in Feng Shu. I'm not a Feng Shui expert, but I know each area represents an aspect in your life such as family, friends, health, wealth, love and so on. I believe the money corner is the upper left side of the home depending on the entrance. Go to a site such as Great River Feng Shui by Brian Brogan, he's a great Feng Shui expert in our corner of the world.

In Conclusion

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, we are here to have experiences. We are here to learn how to handle vibrations. Clutter is a sign of misdirected, mismatched vibrations. It's not a sign that you're a bad, messy, slob. It just appears that way on the surface. If we said to nature, stop being a slob, and she listened, we wouldn't have a pile of leaves in which to frolic in the fall.

Nature starts to make a mess in the month of Libra, the sign of beauty, pleasure, and harmony. In November, Scorpio starts the process of turning the garbage into compost. The difference between nature and our clutter is that we often ignore it and let it fester. Nature keeps working with the clutter so that it becomes fertilizer for growth.

I remember as a child collecting a pile of rags and then visiting the ragman and watching him weigh them out, and then give me money for my clutter. It was great fun. Letting go pays off.

May you have wonder and joy in your clutter experience.


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