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Monday, October 23, 2006

Clutter Fug

Brian Brogan at Great River Feng Shui commented on the money location of the house that I was talking about in my previous article.

Scroll down to the previous article or click here to read the "Clutter Experience".

Brian said, "It’s a little difficult to explain it in text without a map/image. It’s the furthest left grid in the rear of the home, the front door being the front of the home."

If you're interested in Love or Money set up an appointment. Nowadays with all the wonderful things we're able to do over the internet, we can work all over the world. Go to his website and sign up for his newsletters. They're chock full of information. The past few newsletters were fantastic.

Energy Dumps

I've been asked to talk a little more about the term "energy dump" that I used in my last article. When things bug us, or we get irritated or angry, we put out a vibration that is not to our best interest. When a negative thought is directed at a material object, the object holds the energy. If we repeat this negative vibration in the same area it builds up a vortex of negative energy. That's one of the problems with clutter. When the local garbage dump builds up, it stinks when the wind or temperature is right. Our personal clutter energy dump will put off stinky vibes. With enough of a build up you're going to get hurt, or other areas of your life will suffer. That's physics - metaphysics. In this instance, we see that the Feng Shui rule about clutter is very practical, its keeps people from stubbing their toes.

As I mentioned before when clutter has movement it's not such a problem as when it's stuck. If we make an ugly pile of something in clear view, there's no way that we will not notice it. Every time we walk by we will think a negative thought. "I should do something about this". "Mother is coming, maybe I can sweep it into the closet". "Oh dear, the electrician will think I'm a slob." "Ouch, I'll have a bruise from banging against the clutter." When it gets to the point that you're tripping over it, or doing a two-step to avoid it, you better do something quick. If you notice other areas of your life suffering, now you know why. There is a little trick, but it only works temporarily. Move the clutter to a new spot.

Another problem is repeat clutter. For instance, you leave the dishes out to the point where all the food is crusted over and harder to clean, and you do this over and over. Do you really enjoy looking at old food. What are you thinking when you see the dirty dishes. I'm sure it's not "isn't this wonderful?"

The next step is to find out why the clutter built up in the first place. A good Feng Shui expert will tell you to clear out the clutter, but will also help you discover what the experience is telling you.

As I said in my previous article, I'm a clutter expert, and I know from where I speak about the ramifications. So, I'm not making a judgment about clutter; I'm just stating the facts. If I was always able to walk by my stuff and think, "I'm so organized, and it makes me feel good", then it wouldn't have been a problem, it's no longer clutter, (until the guests come over).

Even though one person's clutter is another persons art, it may still be a problem. If the location is inocorrect, or in veiw of people who will perceive it in a negative way, find a more private place to view your work of art.

Scorpio Energy

Starting on the 24th there is a lot of Scorpio energy. This is the sign of the deepest cleaning possible. It may stir things up, but it'll clear things out if you're willing. Not only will you get into the hidden grime, you'll get to the root of the matter. In a way this is a simple form of electional astrology - doing things at the right time. Nina at Gryphon Astrology explains more and gives an example of electional astrology.

If you really want to elect a Scorpio clean-out, wait until six hours after the Full Moon. If you want to do the cadillac of elections, get a personal electional chart. Sorry, that's not my forte.

Merry Clutter Fug (For Your Gunk)


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