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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tough Love - Get Rid of Your Clutter!

In the continuting series on clutter, here's an article from guest writer - Brian Brogan of Great River Feng Shui

Dear Friends, Clutter is big problem for a lot of people. My comments might seem harsh to some of you, but I feel that with this type of glaring dysfunction in peoples lives it requires a tough mindedness to get through the ordeal. Here I give you a dose of TOUGH LOVE. My best intentions always for everyone. Blessings on all your endeavors.

Clutter and Congestion

Let's put these issues to rest, get rid of it, it’s time for TOUGH LOVE. Feng Shui deals extensively with clutter and congestion. It’s being treated by the public as a new phenomenon, people feel guilty about it, but its not that dramatic or complex. There are two choices, stop being a victim of our own demise, make it a priority and take care of it, or make it a priority and seek help - period.

Root Causes, Our Profiles, Methods of Clearing

A good percentage of America has what I call attachment dis-order. Part of this is inherited; part of this is the product of today’s paradigm: capitalism and materialism.

Much of society before us, the silent generation that reared the boomers, grew up poor. Their fear based philosophy and work ethic included work hard at a conservative safe job, and save. We didn’t have much - so we want you to have everything we didn’t. I believe this was one of the seeds of being a pack rat and hoarding non essential stuff.

Today new, better and more is the norm and status symbol, and part of our class system. Our stuff is our identity; it reflects who we are, so we are very attached to our stuff. It’s a quick euphoric fix to go out and buy more stuff. Oh boy new toys, clothes, cars, until the high wears off and we are back to routine needing more. The cycle never completes itself in the illusion of material paradise.We’ve now created an industry around clutter and congestion. There are books and businesses to help us. What does it say about us when we don’t know what to do about this problem, becoming victims of our own stuff? We are squeezing through our furniture and blocked passageways to look for stuff we can’t find because it’s buried in stuff we never use any more.

The next headline will read Another Epidemic, 60% of Americans Lose Their Ability to Navigate Through Their Own Accumulation.

The interesting and positive part to this sad tale is Feng Shui, and the Yin Yang correlation. Isn’t it a paradox that we get more when we give more? The same applies to purging our bloated homes of unnecessary stuff, clearing the home for renewal, uplifting energy and life.

There have been countless stories of this transformational experience.

With the oppressive psychological and material burden lifted, come job promotions, improved relationships, abundance, health etc. We can take to this task with a lot of emotion and drama, or we can cut the umbilical cord and move on with our life. Our subconscious knows very well the STUFF has been weighing us down and keeping us back from moving on with our life.

So we need to do what it takes, what ever it takes, and there’s no going back once you’ve done it. There’s no hiding it either, no out of sight out of mind, everything you own counts in Feng Shui, no matter where it’s located. Moving stuff to another location is not necessarily a fix - the attic, down to the basement, into the garage, out to the shed, into storage, into the second home or having a friend store it for you.

Your stuff fits your life style, not the other way around – you don’t fit to your stuffs’ lifestyle. Speaking of my own lifestyle, for thirty years I haven’t lived in one place longer than 2 ½ years. I had 5 Feng Shui consultations before becoming a teacher and consultant. I’ve done it all, estate sales, yard sales, charity, and giving it to friends. I have had large trucks hauling stuff away. Over time many of us learn the value and meaning of less is more. More crystals don’t make for better Feng Shui, and more money doesn’t give people deep inner happiness.

Here are a few thoughts and questions to consider;

A healthy home equals a healthy mind and body.
A cluttered home – a cluttered mind
Congested home – congested body
Overweight home – overweight body
Overweight home – overweight body

When sorting through your possessions ask yourself these questions.
Do I love it?
Do I need it?
Does it reflect who I am in my life?
Does it act as an environmental affirmation for me?
What positive and or negative thoughts, memories or emotions do I associate with it?
Does it need to be fixed or repaired and am willing to do so now?
If I moved tomorrow would I choose to take it with me?
If it is time to let it go, am I going to sell, lend or give it away, and when?

The energy of our homes can leave us confused, irritated, scattered, and holding us in the past. Feng Shui is like acupuncture, it opens up the flow, getting us through blockages and stagnant energy. The home breathes in stuff and BREATHES OUT STUFF. WE SHOULD HAVE ONLY AS MUCH AS WE CAN CARE FOR. Feng Shui is creating harmony internally and externally.

Brian Brogan lived in the Far East for 5 years where he began his study of Feng Shui. After the Far East, he lived in California for many years where he studied with both eastern and western teachers. His consultations, teachings and workshops have been conducted throughout California, Florida and New England.

From the Desk of Susan Custer
I agree with with Brian's explanation of moving stuff. In my previous article, I mentioned that a trick to help clear out clutter is to move your stuff temporarily, but as Brian mentions, this is not a fix. Moving stuff around allows you to clear out the negativity from the area, but you have to deal with the stuff you moved, and the sooner the better. And don't forget, your subconscious is not fooled by the move. Moving your stuff only gives you a little breathing room, and it will build up a negative vortex in the new spot if it's not dealt with soon. Plan some time every day to work on your clutter. Don't bring in anything new until the old is gone. For instance, don't by a new book until at least ten are gone.



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